The Terror (AMC)


The Terror (AMC) – Premieres 26th March – Renewed

Inspired by a true story, this follows the crews of the HMS Terror & HMS Erebus during their doomed voyage. As they tried to chart the Artic and discover the Northwest passage through Canada.

When one of the crew comes down to what is believed to be scurvy, he begins to hallucinate, seeing a vision telling him that they should leave the area before dying. As the doctor relays the news, he is told to ignore what he heard and to perform an autopsy in the morning.

Then the next day, while the ice in the area begins to mount The Erebus. A crew member is sent into the water to work on the propeller. After the removing the ice blockage, the crew member turns to notices an apparition heading towards him that he avoids after being pulled up. During the same time, the doctor reveals that the person that died the night before wasn’t suffering scurvy, and had no idea on what killed him.

With the winter months drawing in and the ice thickening, the captain of The Terror Francis Crozier puts forward the the plan to change their direction and to use only one ship for them to beat the incoming freeze. Croziers plan is then then dismissed, where six days later both the ships become stranded.

As opening episodes go this is good. Very good. and well worth a watch.



Robert Kirkman’s Secret History Of Comics (AMC)


Robert Kirkman’s Secret History Of Comics (AMC) – Premieres 12th November

Like Superheroes Decoded, this is a docu-series that looks into the history of comics where with interviews and archive footage of those who were involved at the time, interviews with currently working in the medium and cartoon reenactments for the main turning points, this goes through how comics have gained popularity over the years and how the main characters came to be.

The show doesn’t really reveal anything different or new to what Superheroes Decoded covered though the presentation of this is a lot more watchable. If you have an interest in comics then this does the job nicely.


Talking With Chris Hardwick (AMC)


Talking With Chris Hardwick (AMC) – Premieres 9th April

Filling in the remaining gaps for when Chris Hardwick isn’t talking to people on AMC after The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul or Preacher, this is a talk show where he sits down with a featured guest and interviews the crap out of them.

Unlike most talk shows that only chat about upcoming projects, this goes into depth about the guests career along with getting the audience to throw some of their own questions towards the end.

Compared to other talk shows that have come out like, Snoop & the others, this is actually an interesting watch.


The Son (AMC)


The Son (AMC) – Premieres 8th April – Renewed

Set in southern text during the early 1900’s this is a drama that follows Eli McCullough as he sets about trying to convert his cattle ranch into an oil field while trying to attract investors to buy into his plans.

Along with showing how that Elis plans are going against the wishes of his son who is running the cattle part of the business and members of the neighbouring ranch who are trying to sabotage the oil pumps, it flashes back to Elis early years.

During of which it shows how after witnessing a local Comanche tribe massacre his family, Eli and his brother Martin flee the area only to be caught by the Comanche were before being killed, Martin blames Eli for the family deaths.

Even for a AMC show this is a very slow paced affair, where nothing of any note occurs and not really offering anything with the story to make you want to continue watching.


Geeking Out (AMC)


Geeking Out (AMC) – Starts 24th July

Kevin Smith and the policeman from Heroes team up to host a E! level entertainment show where they overexcitedly talk about upcoming films, tv shows and other such things, interview actors and directors and have a couple of on-location segments.

Inbetween these segments Smith and Grunberg big up what is about to be shown next with such forced enthusiasm it looks like they’re in a hostage video claiming their captors are nice people and they’re being treated fairly.

It’s a 20 minute fluff piece that wastes the fact they have Kevin Smith who has decent form in critiquing film & promos in an interesting and constructive ways while still towing the party line, and just focuses on making loud noises and saying everything is fantastic.


Ride With Norman Reedus (AMC)


Ride With Norman Reedus (AMC) – Starts 12th June – Renewed

Taking a break from filming The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus gets to host a show about his favourite pastime of riding motorbikes. In it he picks up a bike from a customiser known within the biker world then heads off to go on a roadtrip with someone he met who visited the Walking Dead set in Georgia.

On the trip the go on some well know driving roads and stop off to visit places of interest, a bike manufacturer and end up at their destination where he meets up a biker community and partakes in their podcast.

It’s a pretty mundane motoring show, that would only really be of interest to those who’d like to know what Norman gets up to during his time off.


The American West (AMC)


The American West (AMC) – Starts 11th June

A slow paced docudrama telling the story of the famous names of the lawmen and outlaws of the west. With the story of the major characters being told in chronological order it reenacts the major points of their lives while intermittently actors that have been in westerns chip in to talk about the folks involved.

Content wise this in on a par with something produced on AHC where it almost become soul sappingly dull, with the only difference being that this is using celebrities to explain the history instead of historians.