Lodge 49 (AMC)


Lodge 49 (AMC) – Premieres 6th August – Renewed

A comedy drama that focuses on ex-surfer Dud, who after returning from a trip where he was attacked by a snake. Is drifting through life, where he hopes to get back what his family lost after his fathers death, but with no idea on how to do it.

Opening up with Dud discovering a ring during a beachcombing session, when he tries to pawn it finds out it is a membership ring for the Stonemason-esque, Lodge 49. And when his car conks out outside the said lodge, Dud meets Ernie as he returns the ring, who then shows him around the premises and tells him how to join.

After the visit, Dud tells his twin sister Liz about the Lodge and explains how he see’s it as the chance to turn his life around. Where he believes it would be able to give him the foot up to achieve his dream of getting back everything his family lost.

As dramas go this one goes along at an incredibly slow pace. And unlike other slow burning dramas like Rectify and Sharp Objects, there’s nothing that happens that make you want to keep watching.



Unapologetic With Aisha Tyler (AMC)


Unapologetic With Aisha Tyler (AMC) – Premieres 4th June

An after show tie-in with Dietland, this is hosted by Aisha Tyler who along with three guests discuss what just happened in the episode, and also talk about recent news events.

Like other after show programmes such as Talking Dead and Throne Cast, it has the usual aspect where cast members, writers and celebrity fans talk about the episode. Then it moves on to getting the opinions of the panel about some recent news items that Dietland touches on. The show is then wrapped up with the Aisha and the panel answering calls from viewers .

As after shows go the switch to covering some current news topics does make it stand out from the rest. Though that said that part does feel like a talk show bolted onto what is a programme praising another programme, by the way it shifts in focus and tone. It’s one for those that enjoy the AMC mandated backslapping of programmes commissioned by them.


Dietland (AMC)


Dietland (AMC) – Premieres 4th June – Cancelled

Drama that follows Plum, whose writing career has become stuck in a rut as she shadow writes for an fashion magazines letters page. And has decided the her life will improve if gets the stomach stapling surgery she is dieting for.

As Plum travels between her friends coffee shop where she writes to a weight watchers meeting, she begins to notice that there is a young woman that appears to be spying on her. After the meeting Plum confronts the woman and she concludes that it was just coincidence. But ends up encountering her again in the office of the magazine when Plum is called in for a meeting. There the woman tells Plum she has left something for her, a book called Dietland about an old dieting fad that Plum used to follow.

While this is going on, a vigilante group called Jennifer has begun to abduct and kill men that have a history of abusing women. Including a photographer from the magazine, which leads to the police investigating the people that work there, believing sensitive information is being leaked.

Later Plum is then called back into the magazine, where she is told to visit the basement beauty closet before she leaves. There she is introduced to the woman that runs the department, who reveals she needs Plum to share the contact list of all the people to write to the letters page, for a secret plot she is working on.

As dramas go it’s an interesting one, where as it goes on to introduce aspects that you wouldn’t expect from the offset. And with it going along at a decent pace it manages to keep the story coherent, and easy to follow. Making it an enjoyable bit of viewing.


AMC Visionaries: James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction (AMC)


AMC Visionaries: James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction (AMC) – Premieres 30th April

Documenting the history of science fiction in popular culture. James Cameron interviews directors where they talk about the how the films they made were inspired, how they created the look, and the influences they incorporated within the making of it.

In between the short clips of the interviews the show then interviews actors, critics and authors. Where they talk about how certain science fiction themes have evolved over time and how the genre takes it influences from current events. Along with the making of the films the directors are talking about, and explaining certain aspects of the plot and its relevance to the time it was set in.

With the mix between showing some of the history of science fiction along with the interviews with the directors, it makes the programme an interesting watch.


The Terror (AMC)


The Terror (AMC) – Premieres 26th March – Renewed

Inspired by a true story, this follows the crews of the HMS Terror & HMS Erebus during their doomed voyage. As they tried to chart the Artic and discover the Northwest passage through Canada.

When one of the crew comes down to what is believed to be scurvy, he begins to hallucinate, seeing a vision telling him that they should leave the area before dying. As the doctor relays the news, he is told to ignore what he heard and to perform an autopsy in the morning.

Then the next day, while the ice in the area begins to mount The Erebus. A crew member is sent into the water to work on the propeller. After the removing the ice blockage, the crew member turns to notices an apparition heading towards him that he avoids after being pulled up. During the same time, the doctor reveals that the person that died the night before wasn’t suffering scurvy, and had no idea on what killed him.

With the winter months drawing in and the ice thickening, the captain of The Terror Francis Crozier puts forward the the plan to change their direction and to use only one ship for them to beat the incoming freeze. Croziers plan is then then dismissed, where six days later both the ships become stranded.

As opening episodes go this is good. Very good. and well worth a watch.


Robert Kirkman’s Secret History Of Comics (AMC)


Robert Kirkman’s Secret History Of Comics (AMC) – Premieres 12th November

Like Superheroes Decoded, this is a docu-series that looks into the history of comics where with interviews and archive footage of those who were involved at the time, interviews with currently working in the medium and cartoon reenactments for the main turning points, this goes through how comics have gained popularity over the years and how the main characters came to be.

The show doesn’t really reveal anything different or new to what Superheroes Decoded covered though the presentation of this is a lot more watchable. If you have an interest in comics then this does the job nicely.


Talking With Chris Hardwick (AMC)


Talking With Chris Hardwick (AMC) – Premieres 9th April – Cancelled

Filling in the remaining gaps for when Chris Hardwick isn’t talking to people on AMC after The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul or Preacher, this is a talk show where he sits down with a featured guest and interviews the crap out of them.

Unlike most talk shows that only chat about upcoming projects, this goes into depth about the guests career along with getting the audience to throw some of their own questions towards the end.

Compared to other talk shows that have come out like, Snoop & the others, this is actually an interesting watch.