Love You More (Amazon)


Love You More (Amazon) – Premieres 10th November – Pilot

Centred on Karen, who in between counselling a group of youngsters with Downs syndrome, stumbles between short term relationships and trying to get to know the new lodger.

As a comedy the minimal amount of jokes seem to be shoehorned into it while it focuses on showing on how compassionate Karen is. And while the jokes feel forced, the song at the end feels like an afterthought as it goes completely against what has gone before it.

All-in-all it comes across as a bit of a jumbled mess.



The Climb (Amazon)


The Climb (Amazon) – Premieres 10th November – Pilot

A comedy that follows Nia, a call centre employee who is bored of her job and spends her time following social media starlet Copper Lewinsky while dreaming of becoming an internet star.

Along with talking about her plans of stardom with her friend Misty and trying to figure out what she wants from her private life, she daydreams of ways of quitting work as well as defending the idea of becoming famous on the internet to her step mother. 

As a comedy it’s very slightly reminiscent to Insecure in the way that it’s someone trying to figure out what they wanna do with their life, though as a comedy it’s exceptionally light on anything funny.


Sea Oak (Amazon)


Sea Oak (Amazon) – Premieres 10th November – Pilot

Black comedy where Bernie and elderly woman who lives in a rough housing estate with her two idle nieces and her nephew Cole who works in a historical live model/peep show style establishment.

After a drive-by shooting happens outside their home, Bernie is killed. Then a day after her burial the vicar gets in contact with Cole telling them that Bernies grave has been disturbed and she has gone missing. Believing that someone has stolen her body, they’re more than a little surprised when Bernie turns up in their flat.

Bernie then throws an added level of surprise when she turns into an Army of Darkness style zombie who is adamant in changing her nephew and nieces lazy ways and getting them to become a success of themselves.

While it’s a slow opening episode it does have a few good bits in there, though even for a black comedy it’s still light on the comedy side.


Lore (Amazon)


Lore (Amazon) – Premieres 12th October

TV adaption of the podcast of the same name, this goes into the history of well known horror stories and explains their roots found in actual events.

The programme goes through the story by using dramatisations of the events and archive footage to explain how the mix of the developing scientific and medical practices, along with the superstitions of the time created the basis of the mythology used for famous horror creations.

While the show covers everything you’d want to know, the almost robotic delivery of the narrator along with the slow going nature of the story itself leads the is be a bit of a dull watch.


Strange Events (Amazon)


Strange Events (Amazon) – Premieres 19th September

A horror anthology where after showing off it’s Poundland version of the Stranger Things title card, it shows two stories per ep, with both of them being of the very low budget variety.

The actual segments seem to be old short films that have been thrown together under the guise of a tv show. Though with the varying quality of the shorts the ones with more talking show up the lack of budget and can come across as a college project.

As a tv show it’s lacking any consistency to make you want to keep watching, while the shorts on offer are at best very average, going down to barely viewable.


Street Fighter Resurrection (Amazon/Machinma)


Street Fighter Resurrection (Amazon/Machinma) – Starts 15th March

Follow on from Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, this is an 8 minute ep where Ryu and Ken get back together after finding out M. Bison and the gang aren’t dead and intent on causing some mischief.

Like the previous instalment the acting is a little shonky at times, and it’s kind of impressive that something so short can still contain a training montage. But since it’s only 8 minutes long it’s watchable, though nothing really happens.


Comrade Detective (Amazon)


Comrade Detective (Amazon) – Premieres 4th August

A parody Romanian cop show from the 80’s, where after the murder of his partner Nicolai, detective Gregor Anghel teams up Nicolais old friend and police officer Iosif Baciu to hunt down the killer. As they track him down they discover that the person they are after is a capitalist terrorist intent on destroying the virtues of communism by converting the population to western culture.

The show is played out as real lost series that has been remastered by the Romanian Film Preservation Society, who have dubbed them into english. It’s reminiscent to other parodies such as Garth Merenghis Darkplance and Danger 5, though it plays the comedy elements a lot straighter then the aforementioned shows.

The only qualm you could make about it is that the film quality of it all it too good for something that’s trying to make you think it was from the 80’s. But apart from that currently the best comedy that’s come out this year.