Le Mans: Racing is Everything (Amazon)


Le Mans: Racing is Everything (Amazon) – Premieres 9th June

Documenting the 2015 running of the Le Mans race, this series focuses on six teams on the grid, where they follow them throughout the build up, qualification and race.

In it the the show interviews the engineers and drivers, where they talk about Le Mans and their history with the race, while showing the the difficulties the teams encounters as the try to win.

For a sports documentary it’s a pretty basic effort especially if you already know who won the race, as they never talk to one of the winning drivers even though he was part of one of the teams being followed. If you’re interested in motor racing it does a job, though it never really gives the feeling of getting in depth.


American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story (Amazon)


American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story (Amazon) – Premieres 7th April

A rather clunky biography of Hugh Hefner, made, narrated and using archive footage from the man himself. The series follows Hugh briefly during his childhood years before setting on the main focus of the formation of Playboy and his life from then on.

Along with using archival footage of home videos and interviews, the programmes also drops in interviews with folks that have worked with Hefner, as well as dramatisations of certain events all of which are linked together with Hefners narration.

The programme itself comes across as rather jumbled, not knowing whether it’s a biography or documentary making it a bit of a chore to get through. And with the input Hefner has it feels that the bias in its production could pass over more interesting events having them portrayed in a heavily one sided manner.


Budding Prospects (Amazon)


Budding Prospects (Amazon) – Premieres 17th March – Pilot

Set in the early 80’s this is a comedy that follows a group of friends who trade in their jobs to work for the eccentric character Vogelsein. A fella who no one knows exactly what he does but seem to have his connections in the more dubious career choices.

Vogelsein offers Felix the proposition to move to the sticks to look after a cannabis plantation for 9 months in return for half a million dollars. Felix is also given the change to bring his own help so signs up his friends Phil and Gesh to work with him.

For an opening episode it’s all focused on setting up the premise and doesn’t reveal much in what would be upcoming. Comedy wise it’s on the subtle end of the scale with nothing that’s laugh-out-loud funny. It’s not incredible but an easy enough watch.


The Legend Of Master Legend (Amazon)


The Legend Of Master Legend (Amazon) – Premieres 17th March – Pilot

A comedy loosely based on the real, real life superhero Mater Legend. A regular person who at night dons his superhero outfit and goes around the Vegas strip trying to protect normal folk from any wrongdoings and help the local homeless.

When Master Legend isn’t patrolling the streets he is trying to reconcile his relationship with his estranged wife, who his willing to take him back if he quits his life of nighttime vigilantism. Even though he is the last remaining member of the Justice Force team of vigilantes, he is unwilling to make that sacrifice and continues to live in a storage lot.

As well as his private life problems, his freshly released from prison brother is throwing a spanner in the works of his good doing, by helping him against his wishes and being overly aggressive when working the streets.

For a comedy, it pretty much misses the mark.


The New V.I.P.s (Amazon)


The New V.I.P.s (Amazon) – Premieres 17th March – Pilot

Animated comedy about four employees of a large company which is treating its workers unfairly, meet with the CEO who dies in front of them. They then decide to use this opportunity to get one of the four to have cosmetic surgery to look like the deceased CEO and for them to run the business while everyone else is none the wiser.

It’s a decent opening ep, and with having the same creator, has exactly the same kind of humour that was in The Life And Times Of Tim, so if you liked that then this is for you.


The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (Amazon)


The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (Amazon) – Premieres 17th March – Pilot (Renewed to series)

A comedy drama set in the 1950’s following Midge Maisel, a housewife who while supporting her husbands dream of becoming a stand up comedian ends up discovering that he stole his set from a known comedian.

When she tries to encourage him to incorporate some original material his bombs on stage, blaming Midge and using that as the excuse to leave her for his secretary.

After he leaves the home, Midge hits the bottle and ends up at the comedy club where she wanders on stage to deliver a rant that crowd loves. After being arrested after she goes topless during her rant she is carted off to to the police station along with Lenny Bruce.

Midge is then bailed by the worker of the club who is adamant that she will be the next big thing, as Midge contemplates whether to go ahead with becoming a comedian, she bails out Lenny Bruce to ask his opinion which leads her to take the plunge.

The show has a massive Woody Allen vibe to it all, and while it’s predominantly a drama it drags along and only really picks up during Midge does her impromptu set.


Oasis (Amazon)


Oasis (Amazon) – Premieres 17th March – Pilot

Sci-fi set in 2032 where due to the worsening environmental status of Earth, the company USIC has began work on a remote planet to create the first permanent off-world colony.

The show is centered on Peter Leigh, a chaplin who is dealing with the recent death of his wife is asked by the head of the colonies operations to move out there to help the community deal with some recent events. When he gets to the planet Leigh finds that the person that asked him to move there has not been seen in weeks, and that no one was aware of his arrival.

After talking to a couple of the workers Leigh discovers that the community have begun experiencing hallucinations, which are leading to fatal accidents that are stopping the progression of the habitation of the planet.

The programme is ever so slightly reminiscent of the film Ghosts of Mars, in both the premise of hallucinations leading to peoples deaths and with the Carpenter-esque soundtrack. For a pilot it’s a good solid opener that reveals enough to make you wanna keep watching while not giving everything away.