Project Nazi: Blueprints Of Evil (AHC)


Project Nazi: Blueprints Of Evil (AHC) – Premieres 9th August 

Another AHC documentary that looks into the life of dictator, facist and all round rum bugger, Adolf Hitler. Each episode looks the into a different aspect of the Nazi regime showing how Hitler and his cohorts took existing ideas and warped them into their ideology.

Along with interviewing experts about the certain aspects of their approach, the programme uses archival footage with quotes from Hitler to set the scene, as well as using reenactments to show the more pivotal points of the story.

As a Hitler documentary it does what you’d expect, though for an AHC programme it is of a better quality than some of the other programmes they released.



Hitler’s Empire: The Post War Plan (AHC)


Hitler’s Empire: The Post War Plan (AHC) – Premieres 26th December

A docu-series that looks into the plans that Hitler had in place to expand and develop the Nazi outposts after what he thought would be the simple victory of the European part of the war.

In the programme it shows the plans that were already in place to spread their special brand of fascism and how they were put into action. So along with the narration revealing the backstory and showing archival video footage, there are interviews with historians and authors as they explain how everything was plotted out, and then reveal how the Nazi plans were thwarted.

As AHC programmes go the is definitely one of their better efforts. There’s a visible improvement in production and content, though that said it does seem to lose some of it’s emphasis half way through leaving it to peter out towards the end.


World War II: Witness To War (AHC)


World War II: Witness To War (AHC) – Premieres 3rd October

A classically AHC piece of programming, this is a docuseries that looks at WWII, covering the main turning points and battles during the war. While using achieve footage and news reports there are also interviews with historians explaining the tactics of each side and how it effected the turn out of events, along with recordings of people that were there at the time.

As war documentaries go it’s watchable enough though doesn’t really offer anything that hasn’t been covered before.


Origins (AHC)


Origins (AHC) – Premieres 15th September

A programme where each episode looks at three items of a specific field and the delves into how they were invented and developed. The show goes through each section with narrator explaining the history where reinactments, historical photos, archive footage are shown.

It’s pretty much a complete info blast that tries to cover the broadest amount of information of each item in a short time. The fact that each segment is about  7 minutes long means that it never begins to drag, though as it doesn’t go into depth if you already have half decent knowledge of the subject this won’t really give you anything you don’t already know.


How The World Ends (AHC)


How The World Ends (AHC) – Premieres 12th February

Low budget docu-series similar in production to other AHC series like FBI Takedowns, Manhunt: Kill or Capture & UFOs: The Lost Evidence, as this programme looks into the predictions of Nostrodamus.

In it, the show has interviews with folks that have researched Nostrodamus’ work and believe that his writings will come to fruition. As they explain how they believe that certain events were predicted, they also go into detail how they think upcoming incidents will unfold.

As well as interviewing the aforementioned the show visits the site of a bunker and talks to the man behind it, who unsurprisingly, put it together due to his belief that the lad ‘Damus was onto something. Then does a brief tour of the bunker, where after a few of the future residents explain why they got involved.

In a bid for fair and equal reporting, a naysayer is allowed to call out the vagueness of Nostrodamus’ predictions and how it they can be adapted to fit in with past events. But it’s pretty much buried under the constant focus of the folks that are adamant that world ending doom has begun.

It’s like a budget version of Doomsday: 10 Ways the World Will End but with almost no verified reasoning behind it. It’s as ridiculous as it is tedious to watch.


UFOs: The Lost Evidence (AHC)


UFOs: The Lost Evidence (AHC) – Premieres 26th March

Conspiracy theorists delivering their unverified suspicions as fact, this masquerades as a documentary looking into the US secretly using alien technology to produce new weapons that are being tested within highly restricted military bases.

Using stock footage and interviewing experts ranging from UFO researchers to a guy that has walked the perimeter of Area 52, the amount of guesswork given during the programme makes this comes across as sketchy at best, and the rest of the time laughably bad.

It’s a programme that almost makes Ancient Aliens look well researched.


Incredible Inventions (AHC)


Incredible Inventions (AHC) – Premieres 18th March

Along the same lines as How To Build Everything, Incredible Inventions reveals how three separate everyday items are created and produced. In it they show the production processes by showing factory workers put the item together, and also explain in slightly more detail how some of the more unique aspects are produced.

To keep this within the AHC regular programming, all the items were originally create with them having military uses. Which are shown during the show and how they transitioned into everyday useage.

Like How To Build Everything it’s exactly what you’d expect though it’s a duller bit of viewing.