The Murder of Laci Peterson (A&E)


The Murder of Laci Peterson (A&E) – Premieres 15th August

Crime documentary that looks into the case of Laci Peterson who went missing on Christmas Eve 2002, and which led to her husband Scott getting found guilty of her murder and given the death sentance where he is still currently on death row.

The programme begins with showing the known timeline of the day that Laci was last seen, then begins to delve into what happened after Laci was reported missing. And the show interviews family members, police officers involved and reporters that followed the case. From there it begins to show that the news coverage began to warp the public opinion of those involved, and that the police may have not done the most thorough of jobs in finding out what happened.

As a crime documentary it has more in common with Making A Murderer and The Keepers, as in how it introduces the crime and how the investigation played out. It’s a solid opening episode.



The Lowe Files (A&E)


The Lowe Files (A&E) – Premieres 2nd August

The actor Rob Lowe and his two sons set off to various locations to find out if there is any truth in the folklore or supernatural stories he used to tell them growing up. This means they head off to a specific location to set up scientific tests with the assistance of their long term Shaman.

It plays out like any other supernatural/ghost hunting programme, where after visiting the surrounding area, they turn up at the location have a quick tour of with the owner to find out the possible hotspots then begin the standard night time investigation.

At the end, the three concur that they’ve all seen something a bit weird, mention that haven’t yet gone through all the footage they gathered then never mention if the footage does in fact give some answers.

The show comes across as if it wants to be a version of Destination Truth, but doesn’t do anything near the attempts to prove or debunk what has been seen.


Akil The Fugitive Hunter (A&E)


Akil The Fugitive Hunter (A&E) – Premieres 13th July

Narrated by Avon Barksdale (Wood Harris), this is a reality show that follows Akil who works as a bounty hunter as he and his team track down folks that have skipped bail.

It’s a lot like Dog the Bounty Hunter, where it follows them tracking one perp per episode. The one thing that makes it different to Dog would be the narration and animation segments that go into Akils backstory explaining how he got into this kind of work.

That said even for a 20 minute long programme it’s a slog to get through and pretty much forgettable.


Leah Remini: Scientology And The Aftermath (A&E)


Leah Remini: Scientology And The Aftermath (A&E) – Starts 29th November – Renewed

Much to the annoyance of the Church of Scientology, actress and former member Leah Remini interviews ex-church members revealing the practises performed within the church and how it has affected the families involved.

The show covers a lot of what has already been shown in documentaries such as Going Clear, My Scientology Movie and the Panorama specials, interviewing people that have appeared in the aforementioned, and not really uncovering much that hasn’t been revealed before.

If you’ve watched any of the other Scientology programmes it doesn’t really add anything to what’s been said before, and is a bit disappointing considering it’s being made by someone that spent 30 years in the church.


Going Si-Ral (A&E)


Going Si-Ral (A&E) – Starts 23rd November

Hosted by the old one with the big beard and the boss with the big beard from Duck Dynasty, they go through showing some clips off the internet and poorly narrating what they see.

To mix it up they then get three members of there family to guess which clip had the most views, and a section where the old fella looks confused and answers emailed questions.

Even for clips shows this is scraping the barrel.


The Killing Season (A&E)


The Killing Season (A&E) – Starts 12th November

Docu-series where two documentarians look into the unsolved 2010 Long Island Serial Killer murders. As they go through the case, they link up with the website Websleuths and get in contact with a german profiler who has been looking into the murders and deduced that there was more than one killer.

Along with using the info the german gives them, they meet the victims families piecing together the final hours, assessing the crime scenes and looking into some of the online home detectives theories of the case.

It’s a solid documentary, where the makers slowly get more involved in the proceedings as it goes along. Well worth a watch.


Live PD (A&E)


Live PD (A&E) – Starts 28th October

A solid 1 hour 25 minutes of live footage where 6 different police squads are followed by camera crews as they do their job of mostly answering calls where nothing much happens. As the standard police work happens the host and two experts in the studio try and jazz up the footage and give explanations on what’s being shown.

It’s like an episode of Cops if they showed the dullest moments, topped of with no resolutions and a shedload of assumptions.

Unbelievably dull.