The Jellies (Adult Swim)


The Jellies (Adult Swim) – Premieres 22nd October

Animated comedy about a family of Jellyfish and their adopted human son Cornell. In it the family are on the bring of splitting up with the father going through a midlife crisis and spending his wifes cash with reckless abandon, while Cornell tries his best in keeping the family together while he gets comes to terms with everything after finding out he’s adopted.

For a 10 minute show it feels likes it’s being padded out, and it’s really light on anything funny going on. It’s not good.



Apollo Gauntlet (Adult Swim)


Apollo Gauntlet (Adult Swim) – Starts 4th December

Cartoon about a bumbling former cop from earth who has been transported of another world where he is the owner of magical talking gauntlets. In it while delivering one liners and movie quotes, he goes about trying to save the day accidentally snatching glory from his shambolically formed plans.

It’s a decent opening though it skirts around the setup leaving it a bit confusing as to what exactly is going on at the start. It takes till almost the end of the episodes to find out that the Apollo is actually a cop from Earth, though it has enough jokes that aren’t dependant on the back story so it still works even though you might not be up to speed.


The Hindenburg Explodes (Adult Swim)


The Hindenburg Explodes (Adult Swim) – Starts 2nd December

A comedy from Rob Corddry about the passengers onboard the ill fated Hindenburg flight to the states. In it has the wright brothers trying to sabotage the flight to stop it becoming an alternative to planes,  where a time travel, a spy trying to kill Hitler who they believe is on the flight and a time travel who arrives to try and aid her.

It’s a constant stream of one liners which are more miss than hit.


The Mark Lembeck Technique (Adult Swim)


The Mark Lembeck Technique (Adult Swim) – Starts 2nd December

A dark 10 minute comedy about a therapist in the midst of a mental breakdown believing he is hosting a self help video. It flicks between a shaky VHS style informercial set up as he treats his patients, to showing what’s actually happening in real life.

It’s a decent start, especially with it being so short you get up to pace with the premise quickly and delivers a few funny moments.


Dream Corp LLC (Adult Swim)


Dream Corp LLC (Adult Swim) – Starts 23rd October

10 minute comedy short about Dream Corp, a facility in a ramshackle building where patients get their ailments treated by being guided through their dreams by a group of incompetent scientists to find the cause of their problems.

For Adult Swim it’s unsurprisingly a bit leftfield, though unlike some of their shows *cough* Million Dollar Extreme Presents World Peace *cough* it has jokes and is least passable as a comedy.


Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepio (Adult Swim)


Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepio (Adult Swim) – Starts 10th July

Unlike Triptank which uses more dark humour, Harg Nallin’ goes in a more surrealist direction. Using some vaguely similar low-fi animation it has a multitude to sketches some of which are unashamedly bizarre along with a couple of songs that also go along in the same vibe.

It’s completely left field and I like it.