The Crossing (ABC)


The Crossing (ABC) – Premieres 2nd April

Sci-fi shenanigans set in the small town of Port Canaan, where the sheriff Jude Ellis is called out to an incident on the local beach as bodies are starting to wash up onto the shore.

The incident gets the attention of Homeland Security who send down agent Emma Ren to take over the local forces. There she interviews the survivors who reveal the they are refuges escaping a war from 180 years in the future. Where the people they are fleeing from are humans with enhanced powers wanting to enslave them.

During this time Jude, who has had his access to the beach revoked, gets held at gunpoint by Reece, a survivor that was rescued by by a fishing vessel and is now trying to get back to her daughter. Jude takes Reece to a warehouse where the deceased are being kept that she manages to break in to. But after not being to find her daughter, flees the scene when security arrive where she reveals that she has inhuman abilities.

As this going on, one of the survivors reveals to Ren that their group wasn’t the first to cross over. And that inhumans were sent over earlier to put themselves within high ranking positions to begin laying the foundations of the war. Leading to Ren telling her superior that some high ranking roles may be compromised, and arranges for the survivor to meet him.

For an opening episode, it’s a decent start that manages to get the plot over quickly and without it effecting the pace of the show. It’s a decent watch.



Alex Inc. (ABC)


Alex Inc. (ABC) – Premieres 28th March

Comedy based on a true story. This follows Alex, a journalist who has grown tired of working for a radio station that only covers happy stories.

When given the opportunity to get an interview with a killer who he believes was framed, he pitches the story to the Radio execs who veto the idea. This leads Alex to hand in his resignation, and begin to start up his own podcast company so he can report the stories he wants.

So in setting up the company Alex hires his old producer that has a crush on him & his salesman cousin Eddie. Who manages to talk Alex into using his pension fund to finance it all, much to his wifes annoyance. Then after ballsing up a meeting with a potential investor, his family give him a pep talk that leads him in doing a last minute save of the investment. Getting him to decide the first story he will cover will be of him starting up a business.

Even for a network comedy it’s light on the ground laughwise, and with the story and characters in it being pretty bland, it’s not one to watch.


Splitting Up Together (ABC)


Splitting Up Together (ABC) – Premieres 27th March – Renewed

Based on a Danish sitcom, this is a comedy about a married couple, Lena and Martin, who have decided to separate. After coming to the decision they formulate a plan where they rotate looking after their children on a weekly basis.

While one of the pair are looking after the kids, they leave the other to get on with single life as they reside in the garage. During this time Martin begins to realise that he was a bit of a dick in the relationship and begins to make amends.

The show doesn’t have much in the way of laugh out loud moments, and at times doesn’t even feel like a comedy. All in all it’s pretty forgettable.


Station 19 (ABC)


Station 19 (ABC) – Premieres 22nd March

A Greys Anatomy spinoff which follows a group of firefighters from Seattle Fire Station 19, as they go about their job but mostly following the relationships between them.

As the team get a call to a burning apartment block, the group battle to put the blaze out, only to find that the Captain has gone missing in the building. When the Captain is discovered passed out, the team that includes his daughter, have to extract him and themselves as they have become corned by the blaze.

After managing getting everyone out safely, the rookie, a surgeon turned firefighter, finds out that diagnosing in the field is different to that in the hospital. The captains daughter has it out with her boyfriend, the second-in-command for losing sight of her father in the first place. And then all end up in the hospital, where the Greys Anatomy lot make an appearance.

It’s then revealed that the Captain has cancer and will have to step down. He puts forward his second-in-command to take over the unit, even though his daughter believes he is not ready and that she has been looked over for the job. So after some soul searching, gives her father an inspiring speech where in the end she is given shared control of the station with her boyfriend.

While the action parts of the show are actually pretty good, the whole focus of the programme being on the relationships between everyone almost brings the pace of the episode to a stand still. Making it a bit of a slog to get through, and some pretty forgettable viewing.


For The People (ABC)


For The People (ABC) – Premieres 13th March – Cancelled

Legal drama that follows six freshly qualified lawyers as that begin working at the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, also known as The Mother Court.

In the show it follows the lawyers where 3 work for the defence and 3 for the prosecution as they go against each other during their cases. Where along with trying to get the verdict they want, try to out do each other, all the while trying to impress their bosses with their initiative.

Along with the court based stuff there’s the usual relationship stuff going on in the background, and all together it creates a very generic drama. For what it is, it’s bland as hell.


Deception (ABC)


Deception (ABC) – Premieres 11th March

Procedural crime show shenanigans where after world famous magician Cameron Black pulls off the biggest illusion of his life, a scandal about him is revealed leaving his career in tatters.

After a year of doing nothing Cameron sees a news report of a criminal that supposedly died in in a mass explosion, and notices that the incident resembled one of his own tricks. So Cameron heads off to the FBI to share his theory and tries to get to help out on the case, since he believes the person that pulled off the illusion is the same one that ruined him.

While initially hesitant the FBI finally let Cameron and his stage team help out on the case where he aids them to recapture the person they thought got away. And at the same time Cameron manages to get the lead he’s looking for.

As procedurals go it almost has the same sort of vibe as Lucifer, and while it’s not the best show ever to be made it’s still enjoyable to watch. It’s a nice bit of fun trashy TV.


Sundays with Alec Baldwin (ABC)


Sundays with Alec Baldwin (ABC) – Premieres 4th March

A talk show with a decidedly 70’s vibe with its jazz theme tune, Alec Baldwin interviews two guests over the course of the episode about their life and career.

So after introducing who is appearing on the programme and giving a brief overview on what they’ll be talking about, Alec has a one-on-one chat with them. The interview that then happens is one of a fluffy lightweight conversation between friends that to and fro occasionally, having a clip of the interviewees work to be shown as a starting point on another thread of discussion, and usually ends up in comparison of experiences. 

The show is a very laid back affair which give off an early evening talk show vibe similar to those seen from 70’s & 80’s. And while Baldwin never really delves into any depth with his guess it’s an easy enough way to burn 45 minutes.