Castaways (ABC)


Castaways (ABC) – Premieres 7th August

A survival show presented under the guise of a social experiment. This has 12 people dropped off across an island chain in the Pacific, where they can make the decision to survive alone, or to try and find the other people before the time they are “rescued”.

As each of the people reach the shore of the island they have been dropped off at, they discover that the luggage they find in the area belongs to someone else. All of which have journals inside that they can read to find out about the owner. Along with the luggage throughout the area are partially made shelters and tools that they can use use to help with their survival.

The show flits between the people as they talk about their home life, where it shows footage of them before they left. And where they talk about why they wanted to partake in the challenge, and what they hope to achieve from it. Before following them as make a decision whether or not to find the others.

As survivals programmes go, it is a more entertaining watch than Ultimate Ninja Challenge. But with the focus on the persons emotional development and constant cut backs to footage of them doing their real life stuff, it does make the show plod along at a pace where you start to lose interest.



Take Two (ABC)


Take Two (ABC) – Premieres 21st June

Crime procedural where actress Sam Swift has just left rehab, where she went off the rails after being dumped on national TV. Sam was the star of a TV cop show but finds herself almost unemployable after getting out.

After her agent tells her of a new role where she’ll be playing a private detective. Sam gets her agent to arrange it so she can shadow private investigator Eddie to research the role.

When Sam arrives Eddie is called into meet a new client who is looking for his missing daughter, from there Sam muscles in promising to solve the case, and begins annoying Eddie with her claiming her years in a tv show as real life experience.

But the end of the case Sam proves to be instrumental in finding the woman, before leaving to go back to her career. Though when the case is covered in the press Eddie finds he has an influx of new clients who want to employ Sam, leading to them teaming up.

The show is more than a little similar to Carter, with an actor whose career has stalled ending up becoming a private detective. With the similarities, this is slightly more enjoyable, but it’s not something you’d go out of your way to watch.


The Proposal (ABC)


The Proposal (ABC) – Premieres 18th June

A dating show that is one of the stranger on offer, where the suitors identity is hidden from the crowd, viewers and the 10 people trying to win their affections. Then at the end of the process the suitor reveals themselves and will end up proposing to the the person they selected.

The shows format is done in the format of a beauty pageant that is split into five parts. The first part introduces the ten contestants individually with an announcer giving the briefest of description of their interests and personal info. Then when all ten have been presented the suitor then is made to pick 7 to go into the next round.

In the second round the remaining contestants go into the swimwear section of the show, where after showing off their more revealing outfits, get to make a statement about themselves to the suitor to try and grab their attention. Then at the end the field is reduced to a field of four.

The third round has the contestants back into their normal clothes where the suitor talks about themself briefly and then gets to ask each of them one question so they can get to know them better. Then after the questions have been asked, the suitor then has to eliminate one of them. The remaining three then meet the suitors best friend. who then asks the each of them a question. Where after, the suitor picks the final two.

In the final part the Suitor reveals their identify to the two people standing, where each of them have a final chance to put their case across. Leading to some awkward near declarations of love, before the final person is picked and proposed to.

Even for a dating show this is a weird one, with it being like a cross between The Batchelor and Married at First Sight. But somehow it’s an even more tedious than the aforementioned, and an absolute chore to get through.


The Last Defence (ABC)


The Last Defence (ABC) – Premieres 12th June

Similar to Wrong Man, this is a docu-series where it looks into the case of a person currently sat on death row, where it’s believed that they were wrongfully convicted.

After showing the news footage of the verdict being announced at the court case, the programme then looks into the murder itself. Where it goes over the sequence of events, where is plays the actual 911 call, while showing the crime scene photos and news coverage of the time.

With interviews from family member members, investigators, police and legal people who worked on the original conviction, the show then begins to reveal inconsistencies in the case. Where it begins to show the flaws in the prosecutions case, and how the person behind bars may be innocent.

Unlike Wrong Man this is set up in a more standard documentary style, with the storytelling more like Making A Murderer than Unlocking The Truth. And with it  not following investigators working the case, and it adds to the watchability for it. If you have any interest in crime documentaries then this is worth a watch.


The Crossing (ABC)


The Crossing (ABC) – Premieres 2nd April – Cancelled

Sci-fi shenanigans set in the small town of Port Canaan, where the sheriff Jude Ellis is called out to an incident on the local beach as bodies are starting to wash up onto the shore.

The incident gets the attention of Homeland Security who send down agent Emma Ren to take over the local forces. There she interviews the survivors who reveal the they are refuges escaping a war from 180 years in the future. Where the people they are fleeing from are humans with enhanced powers wanting to enslave them.

During this time Jude, who has had his access to the beach revoked, gets held at gunpoint by Reece, a survivor that was rescued by by a fishing vessel and is now trying to get back to her daughter. Jude takes Reece to a warehouse where the deceased are being kept that she manages to break in to. But after not being to find her daughter, flees the scene when security arrive where she reveals that she has inhuman abilities.

As this going on, one of the survivors reveals to Ren that their group wasn’t the first to cross over. And that inhumans were sent over earlier to put themselves within high ranking positions to begin laying the foundations of the war. Leading to Ren telling her superior that some high ranking roles may be compromised, and arranges for the survivor to meet him.

For an opening episode, it’s a decent start that manages to get the plot over quickly and without it effecting the pace of the show. It’s a decent watch.


Alex Inc. (ABC)


Alex Inc. (ABC) – Premieres 28th March – Cancelled

Comedy based on a true story. This follows Alex, a journalist who has grown tired of working for a radio station that only covers happy stories.

When given the opportunity to get an interview with a killer who he believes was framed, he pitches the story to the Radio execs who veto the idea. This leads Alex to hand in his resignation, and begin to start up his own podcast company so he can report the stories he wants.

So in setting up the company Alex hires his old producer that has a crush on him & his salesman cousin Eddie. Who manages to talk Alex into using his pension fund to finance it all, much to his wifes annoyance. Then after ballsing up a meeting with a potential investor, his family give him a pep talk that leads him in doing a last minute save of the investment. Getting him to decide the first story he will cover will be of him starting up a business.

Even for a network comedy it’s light on the ground laughwise, and with the story and characters in it being pretty bland, it’s not one to watch.


Splitting Up Together (ABC)


Splitting Up Together (ABC) – Premieres 27th March – Renewed

Based on a Danish sitcom, this is a comedy about a married couple, Lena and Martin, who have decided to separate. After coming to the decision they formulate a plan where they rotate looking after their children on a weekly basis.

While one of the pair are looking after the kids, they leave the other to get on with single life as they reside in the garage. During this time Martin begins to realise that he was a bit of a dick in the relationship and begins to make amends.

The show doesn’t have much in the way of laugh out loud moments, and at times doesn’t even feel like a comedy. All in all it’s pretty forgettable.