Kevin (Probably) Saves The World (ABC)


Kevin (Probably) Saves The World (ABC) – Premieres 3rd October – Cancelled

Comedy drama that is similar in format to My Name is Earl or What Would Sal Do?, where Kevin, a self centered chap who has ended up living at his sisters while he gets himself together after trying to commit suicide, starts to try and become a better person.

The twist for this is that after an asteroid hits near the house, Kevin ends up touching it where he is knocked out. After coming round he finds out that he can see a guardian angel who tells him that he is the last remaining righteous soul on Earth and that God has selected him find and recruit the remaining 35.

As it goes the show is an easy enough watch, and if you need to burn 45 minutes you could see a lot worse.



Ten Days In The Valley (ABC)


Ten Days In The Valley (ABC) – Premieres 1st October – Cancelled

Drama that follows Jane Sadler, a divorced television producer who struggles to balance her work life with looking after her daughter while making sure her ex-husband isn’t overstepping the boundaries in their childcare agreement.

After her daughter returns from having time with her father, she promises to knock work on the head for an entire evening, only to get a late night call that a whole scene for a cop show she is working on needs to be rewritten. Using the time old creative influences of cocaine and booze, Jane manages to get the script out in time, but when she goes back into the house she discovers that her daughter has gone missing.

Jane contacts her sister informing her that she thinks that her ex has taken the kid, and her sister goes against Janes request and brings the police in help find the daughter. There Jane raises suspicion with the way she puts her job first, and lying when the drugs are discovered. All of which is not helped with her ex-husbands alibi holding up, and that the person confirming it is Janes assistant, who is dating him in secret.

For an opening episode the show comes across as a rushed affair filled with well overused tropes, and everything that could have been developed over at least two episodes gets crammed together in 30 minutes. All of which doesn’t give you much urge to keep watching.


Inhumans (ABC)


Inhumans (ABC) – Premieres 29th September 

An epically dull Marvel superhero show where a community of inhumans are living in relative peace in Attilan, a hidden city on the Moon. Though after a space rover is destroyed when it gets too close to the perimeter, the Inhuman Royal Family begin to fear that this might leads to the humans finding their home.

As well as trying to keep their home hidden, the inhumans are informed that a mission to find a newly transformed mutant has failed leading to Gorgon, the bodyguard of the King Black Bolt, to head to Earth to find the missing people.

At the same time, using the caste system used on Attilan as a catalyst, the Black Bolt’s brother Maximus, begins a coup on the Royal family which leads to the queen Medusas sister Crystal teleporting Black Bolt, Medusa & Bolts cousin Karnak to the relative safety of Earth. Though Maximus discovers this and sends a strike team to kill them off.

For a Marvel show this is easily the dullest one to watch, there’s nothing of note that goes on in the opening episode as it is bogged down with exposition which at times feels like it hasn’t covered everything it should have. It’s a chore to get through.


The Mayor (ABC)


The Mayor (ABC) – Premieres 3rd October – Cancelled

Comedy where aspiring rapper Courtney Rose decides to run for mayor in his hometown as a way to promote himself and to get his music career up and running. Though after beating his opponent during the final debate, he unexpectedly ends up winning the election leaving him being in charge and not having a clue what to do.

The show is the usual inoffensive network comedy, where a bloke with good intentions messes up then manages to rectify everything at the end of the day.


The Good Doctor (ABC)


The Good Doctor (ABC) – Premieres 25th September 

Medical drama where young surgeon savant Shaun Murphy has received a residency at St Bonaventure much to the displeasure to some of the hospitals directors, due to him being autistic.

While the hospital president agues the case for employing him, Shaun is off helping folks and spotting problems that the other doctors haven’t noticed, who  duly ignore the advice until it becomes apparent in surgery.

For what it is this has more in common with medical shows like Pure Genius than it does with the more ER styled Code Black and Chicago Med. It’s not a bad show, but it’s something that at times is riddled with the usual cliches and tropes you’d expect from a hospital based programme.


Somewhere Between (ABC)


Somewhere Between (ABC) – Premieres 24th July – Cancelled

A comedically bad drama here where after a serial killer has begun a murder spree the local government put through a decision to restart executing prisoners, including one who while suffering of a mental disability was convicted of murder.

It follows Laura Price a TV producer whose husband Tom is a district attorney working on the cases coming up from the local governments recent decision, and Serena, their effortlessly annoying daughter.

As Serena skives off from doing her homework she chats online to Ruby, a fan of her favourite singer and daughter of the man on death row, leading her to sneak off from home to meet up with her. Laura discovers this and finds Serena at Rubys school. On the way back Laura and Serena stop off in fortune tellers house as they watch for someone to fix a punctured tyre. In the house the teller informs Laura that bad things will be happening to her soon and that she can’t change the future.

Three months later as the serial killer continues his reign of terror, Laura is working on her crimestoppers show as her babysitter arrives, so one of the shows runners takes Serena to them but between leaving the building and getting to the sitters can the kid is abducted by the killer. Laura then makes an appeal live on TV pleading to the killer to return her daughter. During this time the brother of the disabled convict, a former police detective called Nico, while working as a private investgator is kidnapped by mobsters he was looking into.

Serenas body is then found floating in the river leading Laura to go to the scene of the crime to commit suicide. At the exact same time and only a few feet away from Lauras suicide attempt, Nico is being tied up and chucked into the river by the mobsters. As Laura drowns she wakes up on the beach to head home only to find she’s gone back in time 3 months, and that she can possibly change the future events.

All-in-all it’s a convoluted plot with some really bad dialogue and shonky acting. If you want watch a time travel show where family members are save from a killer you’re better off viewing Frequency.


Battle of the Network Stars (ABC)


Battle of the Network Stars (ABC) – Premieres 29th June

A celebrity sports day reboot, where the celebs are teamed up in roles thar they are best known for and go against each other in 10 events under the captainship of DeMarcus Ware and Ronda Rousey.

The reboot is pretty much identical to the original even down to the hosts blazers. Though with the events being hosted in an university campus surrounded by a building site, it gives the show an empty feel only added by the fact that there are no spectators. It’s a lot like watching a school sports day where the competitions were made up on the spot.

It’s not a show you’d go out the way to watch.