Monica The Medium (ABC Family)


Monica The Medium (ABC Family) – Starts 25th August – Renewed

A reality show following the trials and tribulations of a 20 year old college student who is entering her junior year, trying to find a boyfriend and who for the life of her cannot stop communicating with the dead.

At a barbecue where drinking games are happening she throws the brakes on proceedings to talk to a lad about his dead dad, at the nail salon a simple manicure ends with Monica passing on the thoughts of deceased relatives to a couple of employees, and going clothes shopping for a blind date almost everyone in the store has a resident of the afterlife desperate for a chat with them.

It is incredible Monica can get anything done.



Startup U (ABC Family)


Startup U (ABC Family) – Starts 11th August

Budding entrepreneurs attend a seven week course at Draper University, a university founded by eccentric billionaire and venture capitalist Tim Draper, to develop their ideas and presentation skills before pitching their business idea to investors at the end of the course.

The students are put through their paces by doing some left field team building and problem solving, and finally have do perform a one minute pitch to the course tutor and a couple of alumni.

It’s pretty much watching people on a training course.


Job or No Job (ABC Family)


Job or No Job (ABC Family) – Starts 5th August

A fresh out of college graduate is mentored by a recruitment specialist as she is given three interviews to attend in some of the most respected businesses in their chosen field. The programme shows the whole interview process the graduate goes through, and then meets up with the specialist who highlights where they are going wrong, before attending the next interview.

Mundane viewing.


Next Step Realty NYC (ABC Family)


Next Step Realty NYC (ABC Family) – Starts 11th August

Following an real estate agency where virtually everyone is in their mid twenties and determined to make as much filthy lucre in the shortest possible time. It’s highlighted by one of the owners standing down from one of his management positions to have more time off, he’s also the oldest person shown at the grand age of 31. This causes a few of the agents to scramble to get the job and numerous bitching about each other occurs., such as one of the women claiming to get preferential treatment from her sleeping with one of the head honchos.

As well as that occurring, there’s a few other fallings out with other employees and the occasional snippets of them actually doing their jobs.

It’s like an attempt to make the Million Dollar Listing style shows seem appealing to youngsters whilst keeping all of the arseholery of the employees.


Kevin from Work (ABC Family)


Kevin from Work (ABC Family) – Starts 12th August – Cancelled

On his last day at work before going abroad to start a new job, Kevin sends a letter proclaiming his love to his coworker Audrey after getting drunk at his leaving do. Next day he finds out that his new job has been rescinded so he’ll have to go back to his old job, so attempts to get the letter before it’s delivered.

It’s not that great, but it’s better than Significant Mother.


Stitchers (ABC Family)


Stitchers (ABC Family) – Starts 2nd June – Renewed

A secret government project ropes in a recently suspended uni student (Kirsten) that suffers with temporal dysplasia, to be “stitched” into the minds of dead people to access their memories to gain information on why they were murdered.

After rummaging around the deceases memories, Kirsten goes against the agency to head into the field to solve the case with one of the scientist bods.

The show is pretty similar to iZombie where the main protagonist has access to the murder victims scattered thoughts and has to piece together the events themselves. Though where iZombie obviously has the living dead angle, Stitchers has more in keeping with Intelligence with the secret government project take on things, along with the main character wanting to find out the truth of the death of someone close to them.

If you like iZombie then this is worth a watch.