Warriors of Liberty City (Starz)


Warriors of Liberty City (Starz) – Premieres 16th September

A documentary that follows the Liberty City Warriors, a youth football programme that as well as producing NFL players, is primarily there to give the youngsters something to do in a place that has constant street violence.

The programme talks to and follows some of the players and members of the coaching staff, where it shows how and why the team was formed, how it’s increased to incorporate other sports and is also a place that offers additional educational help to the kids. It then looks into the lives of the those in the teams and why it beneficial to them, along with highlighting the problems that go on in the area.

While there are a couple of similarities to Coach Snoop, mainly with the personal lives of the kids that play. This one is more focused on how the club is beneficial to the community, and the problems that the area it’s in creates. It is an interesting watch, but does drag in places. That said it’s worth checking out.



Car Masters: Rust to Riches (Netflix)


Car Masters: Rust to Riches (Netflix) – Premieres 14th September

A car renovation show where owner of the Gotham Garage, Mark Towle, has a novel approach to his business compared to similar shows. As he sets out to initially buy a cheap beaten up vehicle, and when it’s restored, trade it for a more valuable beaten down vehicle where he repeats the process until the value for the final build is in the six figure area. And when that’s achieved, starts the process again at the beginning.

In each episode it focuses on one stage of the restore and trade process, where it starts with the vehicle arriving at the garage. Leaving the employees question whether it’s doable. Then after the plan is shown, the team begin work in the usual car restoration style.

As this is going on Mike then gets a small job coming into the garage to help pay the bills, which ends up providing more problems than the big job they are working on. Then when both jobs are finished, the small job returns to it’s owner, and the big job is taken to the owner of the next restoration job where the vehicles are swapped.

For what it is, the show does offer something slightly different to the norm, which does help this to be more watchable than other similar shows. All-in-all, it’s something you’d happily watch if nowt else is on.


Haunted Live (Travel Channel)


Haunted Live (Travel Channel) – Premieres 14th September

An hour long piece of live ghost hunting hosted by Jesse Snider, and with the Tennessee Wraith Chasers (TWC) of Haunted Towns fame trying to find paranormal activity in an alleged haunted property.

In the show the TWC split up and spend about 15 minutes in various rooms in the building, where they desperately try to get one of the numerous machines they have to bleep or flash. While waiting there’s plentiful amounts of awkward chat as they try to fill time, along with some tenuous pieces of evidence being shown.

Then at the end, the TWC meet up in the final room, where even more machines are brought into the mix. All of which results in them believing that they have encountered spirits.

Even for a ghost hunting show this has more tenuous evidence being shown than usual. And with the show being live is mainly a group of people uming and ahhing while waving handheld devices about. It’s a tedious piece of viewing.


Norm Macdonald Has A Show (Netflix)


Norm Macdonald Has A Show (Netflix) – Premieres 14th September

A TV series that’s a continuation of his podcast. This is a chat show hosted by Norm Macdonald, who along with his co-host Adam Eget interview a guest for 30 minutes.

Like the podcast, this is filmed in front of the crew members and where the chat isn’t really in depth. But more of a chance for shoddy jokes to be told along with some gentle ribbing.

For a chat show with it’s emphasis on pissing about, highlighted by Norms insistence that the show is going to commercial break, ends up being more of a comedy show. And if you enjoy Norm Macdonalds podcast then this is more of the same.


The First (Hulu)


The First (Hulu) – Premieres 14th September

Set in 2030, this is a drama that’s set during the time where the first manned flight to Mars is about to launch. In the programme it follows Captain Tom Hagerty, who was removed from the crew manning the flight, and the mission director Laz Ingram as problems with the shuttle and mission arise.

During the episode, after watching the launch Hagerty becomes involved with helping resolving the upcoming problems, much to Ingrams disapproval. While at the same time Ingram has to face the press and and work on what went wrong and why.

For an opener this one is particularly slow paced, and with a drama about the first manned mission to Mars, it’s more centred on the personal relationships and leaves the sci-fi element very much in the background. All together it ends up being a very slow paced watch, and one that doesn’t give anything away anything that could hook your interest.


Forever (Amazon)


Forever (Amazon) – Premieres 13th September

A comedy where after 12 years of marriage June believes her relationship with Oscar is becoming predictable, so puts forward the idea of changing up their holiday plans which starts a sequence of events that changes their life.

During the opening episode, it’s basically used to show how Oscar and Junes lives and fallen into a set routine, and while Oscar is perfectly happy with how everything is going, June wants to change things up. Then during the holiday they realise neither really want to be there, but while Oscar give things a go, June starts to check out.

For a first episode it’s a solid enough start. And while it goes along at a slow pace, and isn’t particularly joke heavy, it’s an easy bit of viewing.


Aloha Builds (DIY Network)


Aloha Builds (DIY Network) – Premieres 10th September

Property renovation show that’s fronted by the brother and sister team of David and Michelle Jaime, who get hired to do up some homes in their native Hawaii.

In the episode the pair start by heading off to meet their new clients who are in need of help sprucing up their home. And after David and Michelle are shown around the property, they walk through what they plan to do, then crack on with the renovation.

During the build the duo explain how some items are fabricated there to save money on the heavy import costs of getting stuff in from the US, and follows them sourcing some reclaimed materials as they go through the usual renovation show gubbins. Then at the end of the show David and Michelle show the owners around the finished build and there is much oohing and ahhing.

For a renovation show is does exactly what you expect, and doesn’t really have anything that makes it stand out from similar programmes. Altogether this would only be of interest to those that really like this type of programming.