Mythical Beasts (Science Channel)


Mythical Beasts (Science Channel) – Premieres 14th October

A programme that looks into fictitious creatures, and tracks back to find out how these stories originates and what real life inspirations it took to create them.

During the programme it initially looks into the origins of the story, explaining when the creature in question first appeared in folklore. Before moving on to interviewing historians and experts where they break down the aspects of the creature, linking them to animals that had similar traits, and how miscommunication over a period of time allowed certain aspects to become overblown.

The show the also goes into how the creature has been recorded over time and how different cultures view it. As archeologists and historians show artefacts of the creatures documentation over time, and how some of the things linked to it were interpreted differently.

While the subject matter could have been interesting, for a 45 minute show this is dragged out at a slow pace and becomes a chore to sit though. To the point of even if you had a vague interest in the subject you wouldn’t give another episode a shot.



Camping (HBO)


Camping (HBO) – Premieres 14th October

Based on the UK comedy of the same name, this follows Walt and Kathryn who have arranged a camping holiday for them and their friends to celebrate Walts 45th birthday.

As their guests arrive Kathryn becomes irked at how everyone isn’t abiding to her carefully planed out itinerary. Highlighted by one of the couples splitting up, and bringing an uninvited guest who is pretty much Kathryns opposite and challenges everything she’s planned.

As comedies go this is a disappointing watch, as virtually none of the jokes hit, and the annoyance of the character of Kathryn removes any watchability. Making all of it a grind to get through.


Charmed (The CW)


Charmed (The CW) – Premieres 14th October

A reboot of the 90’s show where after their mother dies, three sisters find out that they are powerful witches who can keep Earth from being overrun by evil demons and the like.

In the episode, three months after the sisters Maggie and Mel arrived home to find that their mother Marisol has been murdered. The pair have fallen out with Maggie arranging to leave home to live at a Sorority home. As this is going on, Macy arrives in town, and unaware that she is related to the sisters, ends up drawn to them.

After the three realise they are related and notice that they have powers, the professor at the university, Harry Greenwood, reveals to them that he a Whitelighter and explains their background to them. Where he then gives the girls 48 hours to decide whether they want to keep their powers and fight evil, or to return to their normal lives.

The trio then discover a presence that is after them, where after defeating it agree to keep their powers. Then when using a Ouija board manage to contact their mother who tells them not to trust Harry.

Altogether it’s a pretty bland fantasy show, and while it’s something you could sit through to burn 45 minutes, it’s not something you actively hunt out.


Good Eats: Reloaded (Cooking Channel)


Good Eats: Reloaded (Cooking Channel) – Premieres 14th October

A show where host Alton Brown revisits an old episode of Good Eats and updates and corrects aspects that were either wrong or needed updating.

During the programme Alton reveals behind the scene info about the episode and how it came together. Then when there is a section where the content needs to be updated, it cuts over to modern day Alton, where he explains how the theory was initially incorrect and why, or if it’s to do with cooking, goes over the new and improved techniques.

For what it is, if you liked the original this is literally more of the same. Though with the way everything is presented and explained it an easy enough bit of viewing, but not something you’d go out of your way to watch.


Pod Save America (HBO)


Pod Save America (HBO) – Premieres 12th October

An extension of the podcast it comes from, this is an hour long programme that looks into the current political climate in the US. Where along with going over some of the recent news events, has interviews with folks involved in politics, goes over voter rights and the such and has some crowd based interaction.

In each episode the programme is hosted in a different city, and focuses on the issues found specifically in that area. As hosts Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Tommy Vietor, Dan Pfeiffer and co host Erin Ryan, break down specific news events pointing out the failings of what is happening within the government. Along with this there are a few filmed segments, mainly showing how to register to vote, interviews with guests onstage.

With this being filmed in front of fans of the podcast, it does feel like the programme is preaching to the converted. And with the small parts of the show that are supposed to inject some humour missing the mark, and while the subject matter is interesting it does end up feeling like a lecture, it’s a bit of a chore to get through.


The Romanoffs (Amazon)


The Romanoffs (Amazon) – Premieres 12th October

An anthology series where in each episode is focuses on a character who believes they are a distant relation to the Russian Romanoff family.

During the programme the actual link to the Romanoffs is vague at best and barely even mentioned, leaving it to be a standard run-of-the-mill drama. And while the story plods along at a painfully slow pace, somehow none of the characters are likeable, making the resolution at the end feel completely pointless.

Overall for an hour and a half long show, it feels like most of it was filler to carry over a wafer thin plot. And even though it was nicely shot, it fails to create anything of interest to keep you watching, making it a tedious bit of viewing.


Fightworld (Netflix)


Fightworld (Netflix) – Premieres 12th October

A boxing documentary where actor Frank Grillo heads off around the world to talk to fighters and trainers of various fighting styles. Where he takes part in some of the training, learning the techniques and also finds out about how the styles came about.

In each episode Grillo looks into one specific fighting style, and heads over to a country that has a unique take on the sport. While there, Grillo talks to a couple of the fighters where they chat about their career and how the style they use comes from the ideologies of the area. Grillo also chats to some of the famed trainers who take him through his paces to show the differences in techniques compared to the staples that he was taught.

For a documentary about fighting it covers the bases you’d expect. Though the interviews in it aren’t as insightful as you’d hope, meaning while there’s nothing wrong with the show it doesn’t really grab your interest fully.