Hitler’s Empire: The Post War Plan (AHC)


Hitler’s Empire: The Post War Plan (AHC) – Premieres 26th December

A docu-series that looks into the plans that Hitler had in place to expand and develop the Nazi outposts after what he thought would be the simple victory of the European part of the war.

In the programme it shows the plans that were already in place to spread their special brand of fascism and how they were put into action. So along with the narration revealing the backstory and showing archival video footage, there are interviews with historians and authors as they explain how everything was plotted out, and then reveal how the Nazi plans were thwarted.

As AHC programmes go the is definitely one of their better efforts. There’s a visible improvement in production and content, though that said it does seem to lose some of it’s emphasis half way through leaving it to peter out towards the end.



Untold Secrets (Travel Channel)


Untold Secrets (Travel Channel) – Premieres 21st December

Hosted by historical investigator Adam Mastrelli, this is a programme where he looks into an American icon and reveals some lesser known facts.

As the show highlights key periods of the subject, Adam heads off to place in the US where it occurred. There he chats with historians and visits the sites to show the backstory, along with showing some of the actual artefacts and processes used. After collecting all the info, Adam then reveals how certain aspects are either misinterpreted or are completely different to the perceived facts.

As history programmes go it’s watchable enough as it reveals things you wouldn’t normally know. But it’s not something you’d go out of your way to watch.


Shrink (Seeso)


Shrink (Seeso) – Premieres 16th March

After completing his medical degree, David Tracy ends up being rejected by every residency programme he applied for. Leaving him without a job and a $500k student loan, that’s co-signed by his mother, about to activate.

To keep his medical license and to get a profession that can start paying the loan back before it bankrupts his family, David decides on becoming a licensed therapist. Where he begins to perform the 1920 hours of supervised therapy, for free, in his garage.

After taking in his first few patients he manages to persuade his former therapist to become his supervisor, and ends up finding out that most of the stuff he’s done contravenes the correct protocol, and the techniques he’s told to perform occasionally go awry.

As a comedy it’s a pretty laid back affair and has some decent moments in it. It’s worth a look.


Dope (Netflix)


Dope (Netflix) – Premieres 22nd December

Showing how various cities in the US are dealing with their drug problems, this docuseries follows the police departments as they try to catch the dealers. As well as following the people the police are trying to catch who run and distribute the drugs.

During the show both sides talk about the dangers they face, and the routines they go through on a daily basis. Along with showing this, with the police chasing down dealers and stopping distribution networks. While the criminals explain why they do what they do as they get their product onto the streets.

As crime docs go not much actually happens. And with it’s slow pace, long cutaways with a rock/metal soundtrack that seems out of place, it’s all a bit of a grind to get through.


The Toys That Made Us (Netflix)


The Toys That Made Us (Netflix) – Premieres 22nd December

A docuseries that looks into iconic toy lines and the story behind how they came to production, and explains how their appeal grew.

In the show it has interviews with those who worked at the relevant companies as they talk about how the toys were created. Showing the multiple prototypes they went for before the final versions were sent to production. As well talking to the people behind the scenes who had to make the decision to green light the project.

After showing the origins of the toy it then interviews the collectors, where they talk about why they love the toys, and go into the rarities that are the must haves. There they explain why they are so desirable, the backstory of that particular range, along with the folks at the toy company explaining how they came about to be released.

It’s a surprisingly interesting bit of viewing.


Married at First Sight: Jamie and Doug Plus One (Lifetime)


Married at First Sight: Jamie and Doug Plus One (Lifetime) – Premieres 19th December

A reality show the catches up with the Jamie and Doug, The only couple from the original series of Married at First Sight that stayed together. In the this series it follows them as they prepare to become parents for the first time.

Along with talking about the miscarriage they suffered, it shows the pair as they get ready for the due date. As they prepare, Doug is searching for a new job after being recently made redundant making Jamie wonder if she’ll be able to become a stay at home mum.

All the while they document the build up as they talk with friends and family about what they should be expecting. Then after the child is born, shows them getting to grips with parenting.

It’s some by the numbers reality programming that would only be of interested to those that watched the original series.


Tender Touches (Adult Swim)


Tender Touches (Adult Swim) – Premieres 19th December

A 10 minute animated comedy that parodies the over dramatic storylines of daytime soap operas. It’s centred on two brothers who find themselves in a love triangle as Curtis catches Steve with his wife, and things begin to escalate at a rapid rate.

The show is tough as hell to get through, as it tries to take the bits made the The Room funny and watchable. Actors missing their cues, interrupting each others lines, and appearing to not know what’s going on. But as it tries to be so bad that it’s good, it just fails and ends up being 10 minutes of poorly executed shambolicness.

It is not an enjoyable watch.