Food Flirts (PBS)


Food Flirts (PBS) – Premieres 28th July

A quirky take on the travel cooking show format, where the programme is hosted by the Brass Sisters, Shelia and Marilyn. An elderly pair who visit eateries to sample and see how the food is made, along with flirting the young male chefs.

In the show the pair visit two restaurants that produce different cuisines, where they taste, and then learn how to make a particular dish. After being shown by the chef on what to do, the sisters return to their home to create a fusion of what they’ve learned. And end up presenting the results to the folks they visited.

As a cooking programme it does go into more detail than most of the stuff shown on the Food Network, and even though that isn’t much, along with the lighthearted vibe of it all makes it an easy bit of viewing.



Car vs America (Fusion)


Car vs America (Fusion) – Premieres 18th October

A car show where hosts Mike and Raphael head off across America to sample the various car cultures they come across.

In the programme the pair arrive into town driving a car somewhat tenuously linked to the area. Where they chat about the culture of the area, and reveal what sort of car event they’ll be up to as they meet up with a local expert.

From there they find out what they need to do get their car ready, tricks of the trade, and receive guidance on how to tackle the challenge. It the wraps up with the pair at the final venue where they talk to the people there about how they got started, before finishing up with them tackling the event.

It’s an easy going bit of viewing, and while the production is shakey in places it reminiscent of something you’d find on Viceland. All-in-all it’s not a bad way to burn 20 minutes.


Sex.Right.Now with Cleo Stiller (Fusion)


Sex.Right.Now with Cleo Stiller (Fusion) – Premieres 5th October

Like a lighter version of shows like Sex On// & Slutever, where host Cleo Stiller looks into various aspects on how technology and differing social outlooks are changing peoples sex lives.

In the show Cleo covers a couple of subjects where she gives a brief summary of the topic the programme is about to look into. Then between getting some opinions from folk on the street, Cleo meets up with the people behind the subject to talk about why they do what they do, and why they advocate it.

For a magazine show the segments are lightweight as you’d expect, though it is slow going and a bit of a slog to get through.


Wild Castles (Smithsonian Channel)


Wild Castles (Smithsonian Channel) – Premieres 1st September

A nature documentary that looks into the wildlife that is local to a castle ruin in Europe. In the programme it plays out like a regular nature programme where it follows a type of animal and and document how it lives and procreates.

Along with the wildlife aspect, the show also goes through the history of the castle, and the major historical events that occurred there. With some of these events the show ties it in with the native animals, and plots the history of the building up to the point it was finally vacated.

As a hybrid of a nature documentary and a programme about European history, it is a bit of a weird mix but does enough from keeping either aspect from becoming worn out. That said it really is only of interest to a rather specific audience.


Project Nazi: Blueprints Of Evil (AHC)


Project Nazi: Blueprints Of Evil (AHC) – Premieres 9th August 

Another AHC documentary that looks into the life of dictator, facist and all round rum bugger, Adolf Hitler. Each episode looks the into a different aspect of the Nazi regime showing how Hitler and his cohorts took existing ideas and warped them into their ideology.

Along with interviewing experts about the certain aspects of their approach, the programme uses archival footage with quotes from Hitler to set the scene, as well as using reenactments to show the more pivotal points of the story.

As a Hitler documentary it does what you’d expect, though for an AHC programme it is of a better quality than some of the other programmes they released.


Hitler’s Empire: The Post War Plan (AHC)


Hitler’s Empire: The Post War Plan (AHC) – Premieres 26th December

A docu-series that looks into the plans that Hitler had in place to expand and develop the Nazi outposts after what he thought would be the simple victory of the European part of the war.

In the programme it shows the plans that were already in place to spread their special brand of fascism and how they were put into action. So along with the narration revealing the backstory and showing archival video footage, there are interviews with historians and authors as they explain how everything was plotted out, and then reveal how the Nazi plans were thwarted.

As AHC programmes go the is definitely one of their better efforts. There’s a visible improvement in production and content, though that said it does seem to lose some of it’s emphasis half way through leaving it to peter out towards the end.


Untold Secrets (Travel Channel)


Untold Secrets (Travel Channel) – Premieres 21st December

Hosted by historical investigator Adam Mastrelli, this is a programme where he looks into an American icon and reveals some lesser known facts.

As the show highlights key periods of the subject, Adam heads off to place in the US where it occurred. There he chats with historians and visits the sites to show the backstory, along with showing some of the actual artefacts and processes used. After collecting all the info, Adam then reveals how certain aspects are either misinterpreted or are completely different to the perceived facts.

As history programmes go it’s watchable enough as it reveals things you wouldn’t normally know. But it’s not something you’d go out of your way to watch.