Terror (Viceland)


Terror (Viceland) – Starts 1st October

A standard Viceland docu-series offering, which looks into the different islamic terrorist groups, where they show how they came into existence, why they’re doing what they’re doing, and looks at how they’ve changed their approach of the years.

Hosted by Vice founder Suroosh Alvi, he travels to the country of the groups origin, where he interviews locals to find out how their world view has been been altered by the War on Terror, and talks to a couple of folks within the groups to explain what drives them.

The show feels like an extended episode of Vice, and does exactly what you’d expect. Though with the extended run time it doesn’t feel like you learn any more than from a 15 or 30 minute Vice segment.



State Plate with Taylor Hicks (INSP)


State Plate with Taylor Hicks (INSP) – Starts 21st October – Renewed

Culinary travel show where musician, host & Paul Hollywood look-a-like Taylor Hicks, sets out to visit all 50 US states and create a full menu from dishes that are local to the area.

In each ep he visits a specific state, then heads off to towns where famed local dishes are known to originate from, and then chats to the folks that make it, while finding out how the dish is created.

After visiting the places on his list, Taylor then goes through what the state menu would look like. For a cooking/travel show it’s not the most interesting pieces or TV, especially with the host coming across pretty awkwardly whenever he has to either talk to people, or describe the food.


Tokyo Trial (Netflix)


Tokyo Trial (Netflix) – Premieres 12th December

Drama that follows the judges who presided over the Tokyo Trials that took place for 10 years to find the accountability of the Japanese Military and political leaders involved in WWII, and if they should be charged with war crimes.

The majority of the programme deals with the judges working behind the scenes trying to make sense of the testaments they have listened to. And trying to make sure they are not influenced by verdicts from the Nuremburg Trials, to achieve the most unbiased verdict possible.

The opening ep itself goes by surprisingly quickly though it doesn’t ever feel like that much has happened. That said the court scenes where they merge the actual footage with the actors playing the judges is a nice touch.


Outsider (Viceland)


Outsider (Viceland) – Premieres 4th May

Docu-series that looks into underground film directors who have gained notoriety by their poorly made films that have become cult classics.

After going through a synopsis of their most famous piece of work, the host then meets up with the director to find out how the film was made, the trouble they had getting it released and how it effected them after the film was finished.

For a 30 minute documentary it’s doesn’t really go into any real depth, and is held back by the fact the host is part of the reason behind the films release and already knows the director. This makes it feel that where they could have gone more in depth they avoided it.


Star Plates (Food Network)


Star Plates (Food Network) – Starts 27th September

Cooking show where a celebrity goes to their favourite restaurant, then heads off to its kitchen to learn how to make their favourite dish by the head chef then work on the line during the lunch period.

Along with the initial fish-out-of-water start of them being shown around the kitchen and learning the working etiquette, they are given a couple of other dishes to learn on top of the main dish, then are trusted to get on with it with the minimum of fuss.

It’s like the final week of Celebrity Masterchef where they are sent off to work in a high end restaurant but without judges marking their performance.


Montecito: Dance Wives of California (FYI)


Montecito: Dance Wives of California (FYI) – Starts 26th November

Reality guff that includes the wife and daughter of Jimmy Connors, it follows a number of women, as they go about swooning over their dance teachers and occasionally practice for competitive dance nights.

With it being scripted within an inch of its life, there’s the token villain of the piece, a successful businesswoman who wants to return to competitve dance, though after being turned down by her former partner, hires and out of town fella and generally gets everyones back up.

There’s also a fair bit on the bloke dancers where their flirting with the clients either leads the friends to believe the live the life of an escort, or their fiancé gets suspicious of middle age women flirting.

It’s really bad, like a Real Housewives but with limited foxtrot footage.


Vintage Flip (HGTV)


Vintage Flip (HGTV) – Starts 2nd June – Renewed

A renovation show with a husband and wife team find a cheap old house, set a budget then restore the home to it’s former glory before trying to sell it on for a profit.

Similar to other home renovation show like Zombie House Flipping or Desert Flippers where the goal is to set a budget and try to make as much on the resale as possible, this also tries to cover the period aspects of the building like Lone Star Restoration. Though this has them talking about tudor era buildings, then going against everything they’ve shown which also gets pick up by a couple of potential buyers.

It all a much of a muchness, and not that interesting to boot.