Final Space (TBS)


Final Space (TBS) – Premieres 26th February

Animated comedy sci-fi, where after getting arrested for impersonating a pilot in the Infinity Guard to impress a woman, Gary is nearing the end of his 5 years of space labour. Where the only company he had is with a deep space insanity avoidance companion Kevin, who he hates, the security bots and the ships AI HUE who treats him like a toddler.

While Gary is fixing a satellite a small alien creature collides into him where after naming it Mooncake, brings it back onboard the ship. Unbeknown to Gary, Mooncake is a planet destroying weapon that the the evil Lord Commander trying to catch. And after escaping an attack from some bounty hunters, where they manage to capture one, a catlike creature called Avocato who reveals who Mooncake is and the danger it puts them in.

The first ep is a solid opener, and for what it is, is an enjoyable watch.



The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale (Netflix)


The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale (Netflix) – Premieres 18th February

A weekly bit of pop culture and TV mockery hosted by Joel McHale, the show is more than a little similar to The Soup.

So along with taking the piss out of some US reality shows, there’s also a pre-recorded comedy bit and finishes off a couple of more TV based segments. One where they look at the weirdness of a specific countries programming, then another US TV pisstake.

While there are a couple of decent moments, the longer sections seem to run dry a bit quickly, though it’s an alright way to burn through 30 minutes. That said it’s not a patch on TV Burp.


Everything Sucks (Netflix)


Everything Sucks (Netflix) – Premieres 16th February – Renewed

A coming of age comedy set in the 90’s where three friends have just started high school together in the town of Boring, Indiana.

Between the three they decide the best way for folks to take their nerdy selves seriously is to join the AV Club. Where one of the group, Luke, ends up taking a shine to the principals daughter Kate, while his friends fear it could put an additional target on their back.

Along with the standard school romance stuff and 90’s pop culture referencing it’s a pretty bland bit of viewing.


Stargate Origins (Stargate Command)


Stargate Origins (Stargate Command) – Premieres 15th February

A revival series that is set in the 1930s about the initial discovery of the Stargate, where after spending 10 years in researching the discovery Catherine Langford has decided to leave her fathers research.

After dropping the bombshell the situation is escalated with the arrival of Dr Brücke and his Nazi cohorts, who open the Stargate and take Catherines father over to the other side.

With the show being web based 10 minute episodes it shares some similarities with Street Fighter Resurrection & Mortal Kombat series, as each episode only covers the briefest of plot points meaning you can’t really get into it. That said this does have far better production values than the aforementioned.


This Close (Sundance TV)


This Close (Sundance TV) – Premieres 14th February

A comedy drama that follows two deaf friends Mathew and Kate. The first ep has the pair meeting up to go to a book signing in Seattle for Mathews new graphic novel. Where Mathew has no urge to go due to him recently splitting with his fiancé, while Kate is hesitant in revealing that she has just got engaged herself.

After finding her engagement ring in the hotel Mathew ends up leaving the book signing early to head off to a gay club, then ending up getting kicked off the flight home for being drunk. Then when the pair are in holding they have a laugh over the shambolicness of the proposal Kate went through and every ends up sort of good.

As comedy dramas go it’s not too bad, where the jokes mostly focus on the awkward nature of able hearing folk interacting with them in certain situations. While it’s slow going, it’s an easy bit of viewing.


Model Squad (E!)


Model Squad (E!) – Premieres 12th February

Reality show that follows nine models as they go about modelling stuff, going to castings to model stuff, then attend after shows where the meet folks that could progress their career modelling things.

During the show each of the models talk about how they got into the business and how they see their career developing in the future. Then as the programme shows them getting up to their daily business it’s interspersed with small segments where one of the models gives a beauty tip or fashion pointers.

Weirdly for a reality show there was no arguing or near fisticuffs moments, but along with that there was nothing else going on either. It was all very boring.


The Radical Story of Patty Hearst (CNN)


The Radical Story of Patty Hearst (CNN) – Premieres 11th February – Miniseries

A documentary that looks into the story of Patty Hearst, the daughter of one of the richest families in the US, who was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) and then ended up joining them.

Though neither Patty or her family were interviewed, the programme talks to her fiancé about her early life and the relationship before the kidnapping. Then the programme interviews attornies, authors and a member of the SLA about the group formation and how they ended up deciding on the kidnapping plot.

As documentaries go it’s an interesting watch.