All American (The CW)


All American (The CW) – Premieres 10th October

A CW take on Friday Night Lights, this is a drama that follows Spencer James, a high school wide receiver who plays in the rougher part of LA. Where he is approached by Coach Baker about transferring over to the vastly posher Beverly Hills High School.

After initially rejecting the offer, Spencer gets talked around by his mother and his best friend to give it a chance as it’s a rare opportunity. Spurred on by this Spencer transfers and quickly finds out the school is completely different to his old one, and one where his background is used to give him a cheap stereotype.

Along with the difficulties of settling in, the rest of the team take a dislike to him, where the quarterback Jordan, Coach Bakers son, goes about trying to sabotage his chances. Then after a game where Spencer helped with the win,  Coach Baker finds out the school board are trying to remove Spencer due to him not being local to the school. Which leads to Coach Baker inviting Spencer to live with his family, much to Jordans annoyance.

As high school sports dramas go, this is a pretty dull affair, where anything of note that does happen is pretty forgettable. And the parts of the programme where the school are playing a match appear lazily put together. And all together it’s a bit of a slog to get through.




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