The Neighborhood (CBS)


The Neighborhood (CBS) – Premieres 1st October

A sitcom where the Johnsons, a white family from from the midwest, move into a predominantly black area in LA, where they become neighbours with the Butlers.

As the Johnsons arrives they meet Malcolm Butler, who takes great joy in telling his father Calvin that the new neighbours have moved in but doesn’t reveal they’re white. Calvin passes the Johnsons off as being the second type of racist, as ones that are overly friendly and want to be friends so they can say they have a black friend.

Dave Johnson walks into this as he is an overly friendly person and tries his best to get on with the Butlers without know about Calvins thoughts, which is only made worst as he uses job skills of conflict resolution between Calvin and Malcolm.

Like Happy Together this is another CBS comedy that has the endless canned laughter and below average jokes. Making it another comedy that ends up being painful to watch.



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