Dancing Queen (Netflix)


Dancing Queen (Netflix) – Premieres 5th October

A reality show that follows drag queen Justin Johnson aka Alyssa Edwards, who between doing various drag queen stuff runs his dance studio in Texas.

During the programme, Johnson runs Beyond Belief Dance Company. Where after returning from tour, informs his students that out of the four age groups, two dance teams will be formed to compete around the country.

In these sections of the programme, there are interviews with the students and their mothers, as they talk about why they enjoy dancing, and how it’s helped them.

In the rest of the show, it follows Johnson as Edwards as he continues with his other job of being a drag queen. Where along with explaining how he got into the business, shows him doing some public appearances. And tying the programme together are confessional style interviews with Both Johnson and his alter ego Edwards as the comment on what’s going on.

As reality shows go it comes across as a mix between Bring It and a standard reality show of a z-list celeb. Leaving it to be something that would only be of interest to those that already fans of Edwards. Otherwise it’s some instantly forgettable stuff.



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