Star Wars: Resistance (Disney XD)


Star Wars: Resistance (Disney XD) – Premieres 7th October

Following from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels, this is set in the period between The Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Where after being saved by Poe Dameron, young pilot Kazuda Xiono is recruited into the resistance and given a mission to go undercover to find out the plans the First Order have to attack the resistance.

Poe then takes Kaz to a refuelling platform on Castilon, where he gives him the cover as an aspiring pilot and trainee mechanic. Which Kaz  almost blows from the beginning. From then on Kaz bumbles about trying to spy and ends up having news spread that he’s the best pilot on the platform, leading to him ruining his low profile.

As Star Wars series go, this isn’t the most Star Wars feeling out of the three as it has a lack of anything Jedi going on. That said, like the previous series it’s an easy watch and if you enjoyed them then this is more of the same.



Dancing Queen (Netflix)


Dancing Queen (Netflix) – Premieres 5th October

A reality show that follows drag queen Justin Johnson aka Alyssa Edwards, who between doing various drag queen stuff runs his dance studio in Texas.

During the programme, Johnson runs Beyond Belief Dance Company. Where after returning from tour, informs his students that out of the four age groups, two dance teams will be formed to compete around the country.

In these sections of the programme, there are interviews with the students and their mothers, as they talk about why they enjoy dancing, and how it’s helped them.

In the rest of the show, it follows Johnson as Edwards as he continues with his other job of being a drag queen. Where along with explaining how he got into the business, shows him doing some public appearances. And tying the programme together are confessional style interviews with Both Johnson and his alter ego Edwards as the comment on what’s going on.

As reality shows go it comes across as a mix between Bring It and a standard reality show of a z-list celeb. Leaving it to be something that would only be of interest to those that already fans of Edwards. Otherwise it’s some instantly forgettable stuff.


Into The Dark (Hulu)


Into The Dark (Hulu) – Premieres 5th October

An anthology horror series where each episode is a self contained story, with the theme tying the series together is that all the stories shown are set in a holiday period.

With the episode, it’s an hour and a half long horror/thriller that plays out like a low budget film. Though with what’s shown it does lack in the horror side, and in the first episode the end twist is disappointing leaving what is an average bit of viewing to finishing on a poor note.

That said, while it’s not something you’d go out of you way to watch it has just enough to back it an acceptable bit of background noise.


Trans Am (Discovery)


Trans Am (Discovery) – Premieres 2nd October

A car renovation show that follows Trans Am enthusiasts and brothers Scott and Tod Warmack, who specialise in restoring and making custom muscle cars.

During the programme, Scott Warmark runs and co-owns the TransAm Depot, a garage that specialises in restoring classic muscle cars. Where after a client brings in an old car that in need of being brought back to life, Scott and his team work on getting it back to as near to its old factory spec, along with accommodating some modern comforts.

At the same time Tod runs TransAm World, a business where they have purchased the license of the Trans Am name and produce new versions of the old car. There they make high end limited run cars of the Firebird, along with having plans for the company to produce new models under the moniker.

As car renovation programmes go, this has a nice unique twist that makes it stand out from similar shows in the genre. So if you enjoy this type of programme this is worth checking out.


The Neighborhood (CBS)


The Neighborhood (CBS) – Premieres 1st October

A sitcom where the Johnsons, a white family from from the midwest, move into a predominantly black area in LA, where they become neighbours with the Butlers.

As the Johnsons arrives they meet Malcolm Butler, who takes great joy in telling his father Calvin that the new neighbours have moved in but doesn’t reveal they’re white. Calvin passes the Johnsons off as being the second type of racist, as ones that are overly friendly and want to be friends so they can say they have a black friend.

Dave Johnson walks into this as he is an overly friendly person and tries his best to get on with the Butlers without know about Calvins thoughts, which is only made worst as he uses job skills of conflict resolution between Calvin and Malcolm.

Like Happy Together this is another CBS comedy that has the endless canned laughter and below average jokes. Making it another comedy that ends up being painful to watch.


Happy Together (CBS)


Happy Together (CBS) – Premieres 1st October

A sitcom the follows Claire, a restaurant designer, and Jake, an accountant whose client includes pop star Cooper James, who are a thritysomething couple that enjoy an uneventful run of the mill existence.

After having a high profile split with his girlfriend, Cooper turns up unannounced on Claire and Jakes house, as he needs somewhere quite to hideout until the media interest dies down. From there Cooper begins to enjoy the quieter life, as it something he’s missed out on, and Claire and Jake enjoy having the chances to mingle with various celebrities.

For a network comedy this is filled with the usual constant canned laughter, and most of the jokes miss the mark. Overall there’s not much going on that grabs your interest, making it one to miss.


Brake Room (Discovery)


Brake Room (Discovery) – Premieres 1st October

A comedy game show hosted by comedian Nick Stevens. Where two contestants, one from the motoring world and another a motor enthusiast, go heat to head trying to predict what happens in vehicle based clips.

The competition is split into three rounds, each of which consist of three clips being shown, and based on the question the contestants decide which of the two options will occur. Then at the end of the quiz the winner takes away a small joke prize.

For what it is, there’s a couple of clips that have some funny moments, but as a comedy quiz it’s a pretty flat offering. Leaving it to be one for those that particularly enjoying watching youtube clips on the tv, otherwise it’s some bland viewing.