The Cool Kids (Fox)


The Cool Kids (Fox) – Premieres 28th September

A sitcom set in a retirement home, where after the death of their friend Jerry, Hank, Sid and Charlie find themselves with an univited new member of their group in the shape of Margaret.

With them initially not taking to Margaret inviting herself to the group, they finally accept her after she helps the trio execute their schemes that go against the rules of the retirement home.

The show is the standard network comedy setup, where even lines that aren’t jokes get the canned laughter treatment. And altogether it comes across as a pensioner version of It’s Always Sunny, where virtually every joke misses the mark. It’s not good.



A Million Little Things (ABC)


A Million Little Things (ABC) – Premieres 26th September

A drama where after the unexpected death of the Jon, the man brought them together, a group of friends begin to deal with his death and use it as a wake up call to start to make the most of their lives.

In the episode the three friends, Rome, a film maker who is stuck in a rut working on adverts, Gary, who has recently gone in remission for breast cancer and Eddie, a recovering alcoholic who is in a loveless marriage realised that as long as they’ve been friends they know nothing about each other.

This leads to Rome admitting that he was trying to commit suicide at the time he received the call about Jons death, Gary despite his nonchalant ways, is terrified that his cancer will return, and Eddie admits that he is cheating on his wife and is trying to find the right time to leave her.

While the programme sets everything up quickly, and the story goes along at a decent pace, as well as introducing an intriguing aspect on Jon’s suicide. It still struggles to have something that would make you want to check out the next episode, leaving it as something you’d have as background viewing at best.


Single Parents (ABC)


Single Parents (ABC) – Premieres 26th September

A comedy that follows a group of five dysfunctional single parents who look out for each other as they raise their kids and help one another with their problems.

The programme begins with Will Cooper taking his daughter to her first day at school, where the rest of the parents question where his head is at with his determination to participate in all aspects of the school. After talking to him they find out that Will hasn’t been in a relationship in five years so arrange a date for him.

This results in Will having a date that ends in disaster, leading the rest of the parents, Angie, Poppy, Douglas and Miggy to turn up, help him out and accept him into the group.

As comedies go this one is lacking in anything particularly funny, leading it to be a grind to get through. All-in-all it’s some pretty forgettable stuff.


New Amsterdam (NBC)


New Amsterdam (NBC) – Premieres 25th September

public hospital in America that treats patients ranging from prisoners from Rikers Island through to the President.

The show follows Dr Max Goodwin who has just been hired as the medical director, and after realising that the amount of bureaucracy is effecting the standard of treatment. Begins to completely revamp the hospital to cater for everything that the doctors there need to improve the reputation of the place.

Along with restructuring everything he sees, Goodwin bombs around the place, helping out with containing possible outbreaks, dealing with the higher profile patients and learning about the members of staff. All of which he’s doing while keeping his throat cancer under wraps.

As medical dramas go this is more entertaining than shows like Heartbeat, Code Black & Chicago Med. And if you like that type of show it’s definitely one of the more enjoyable that’s been released.




FBI (CBS) – Premieres 25th September

Another Dick Wolf procedural crime series, where in this show it follows members of the FBI New York office as they deal with threats to the population, and hunt down the perpetrators.

Centred on Special Agents Bell & Zidan, they arrive on the scene of a dangerous incident, then with the help of folks working in the FBI office, begin to track down the relevant clues to find the people behind it all. All the while Bell is struggling with the death of her husband, which she believes she was at fault for.

For a Dick Wolf show it does exactly what you’d expect, as it follows the usual crime show formula. And while it doesn’t offer anything new to the genre, there’s worse ways to burn 45 minute if nothing else is on.


Bravo’s Play By Play (Bravo)


Bravo’s Play By Play (Bravo) – Premieres 24th September

An aftershow styled talk show hosted by Jerry O’Connell. Joined by three male guests, the four chat about the things that have happened in the Bravo reality shows over the past week.

During the programme, each of the four nominate what they think was the main talking point from the reality shows, before moving on to have a couple of group discussions about specific shows. They then go on to  have an interview with someone involved with a Bravo reality show, and  finish off with an inane Skype chat with Jerry’s wife.

The show is like a condensed version of programmes like The Talking Dead and ThroneCast, but if they had to cover ten shows in 20 minutes. Altogether it’s a painful bit of viewing which probably wouldn’t even be of interest to those that watch the programmes it’s covering.


Manifest (NBC)


Manifest (NBC) – Premieres 24th September

A mystery drama where after travelling on a turbulent flight from Jamaica to New York, the crew and passengers discover when they land that it’s now five years in the future.

The programme is centred on siblings Michaela and Ben, as they start to discover how their lives have changed. As cop Michaela’s fiancé has now married her best friend, and Ben’s son who travelled with him now has the chance to get live saving cancer treatment. Along with Ben’s wife and daughter holding back on information about their lives over the five years where they thought he was dead.

As the pair begin to readjust, Michaela stats to hear a voice in her head, that when acted upon stops a fatal incident from happening. After confiding in her brother he tells her to keep silent on it, only to discover the he is hearing the same voices.

While this is going on, the FBI are examining the plane to find out what happened to make the plane disappear for five years. Leading to everyone that was on the flight to be drawn to the plane the night before it is about to be taken apart, where they witness it explode.

While it does have an interesting premise, the plot chugs along at a slow pace and struggles to capture your interest. Though it does have enough about it to make you want to check the next episode just to see if it improves.