The Shop (HBO)


The Shop (HBO) – Premieres 28th August

Fronted by LeBron James and his business partner and friend Maverick Carter. This is a talk show set in a working barber shop, where a group of folks from the sport and entertainment world have a chat about various issues.

The show itself has no real format, and is just a group of people having a conversation about current events, their career and life, and what ever else the chat flows into. All with the occasional haircut being received.

With the relaxed way the conversation flows throughout, it makes it one of the more enjoyable talk shows that’s been released, and is a decent watch.



Pretty Little Mamas (MTV)


Pretty Little Mamas (MTV) – Premieres 30th August

Yet another MTV reality show. Where in this one it follows five twenty-something mothers who have known each other since high school, and all gave birth soon after graduating.

The show follows the five as they deal with being parents, their varying personal relationship problems and the near endless nights out/day drinking meet ups. All of which seems to end up with some sort of conflict.

Compared to the other reality stuff that MTV kicks out with reckless abandon, this one just merges into the rest. And altogether it’s an absolute grind to get through.


The Story of the Royals (ABC)


The Story of the Royals (ABC) – Premieres 22nd August – Miniseries

A two-part documentary miniseries that looks at the recent history of the Royal family. Starting at just before the Queens coronation, through to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The programme documents the family as it focuses on certain parts of the history. Where it highlights the effects the events had on the UK and US, along with how the family itself had to adapt to the changes that were happening.

Using archive footage and having interviews with royal reporters, authors and people who worked in the family who give their own insights to events. It also looks into how the family has still kept its popularity and how they have influenced some parts of popular culture.

As documentaries go it’s very by the numbers, and with the episode being an hour and a half long, it does start to lose its appeal before it it the half way mark.


The Innocents (Netflix)


The Innocents (Netflix) – Premieres 24th August – Renewed

A sci-fi drama where after growing tired of her controlling father, who has gotten worse since her mother disappeared. June plots to run away with her boyfriend Harry, who is also desperate to get away from his own home life.

The pair find themselves under a looming deadline, as Junes father is planning to move the family off to a remove Scottish island. Where it slowly reveals that they are under surveillance from a mysterious group.

June unaware of this, makes her escape with Harry the night before the move, and as they flee run into someone in distress. While helping them out, they discover it was a ruse to kidnap June, with the would be captors saying that they are with her mother and are trying to help.

After managing to escape, by possibly leaving one of the kidnappers dead on the side of the road. June ends up revisiting the scene, and ends up discovering that she has the ability of shape shifting into the person she touches.

For an opening episode, this one goes along at a sluggish pace where the only thing of note happens in the last 5 minutes. Altogether it never does anything during the first episode that hooks your interest, making all very forgettable.


Scaled (Animal Planet)


Scaled (Animal Planet) – Premieres 24th August

A pet based home renovation show for reptile owners. Where the employees of Cornel’s World meet up with a client, find out what sort of installation they want to put in their home, and go about creating a rather epic scaled solution.

After being shown the animals that the owners want to rehouse, and finding out their wants and needs for the new terrarium. Ranging from it look to functions to help with the upkeep of the animals. The team head back to their factory to begin work on the build.

As the team agree on how the final piece should look, they begin manufacturing the parts. Along with creating some bespoke pieces to surprise the clients. Where after a few moments of adapting the piece to incorporate things they may have misjudged. Transport and install the final product and reveal it to the new owners.

The show has some vague similarities to Animal Cribs, with it being about a pet owner wanting to dedicate a part of of their home solely to their pet. But in this one everyone involved during the process do seem a lot more passionate about the creature they are working with, making it more enjoyable watch. That said, it is something you’d only watch if you have an intense interest in the subject matter.



Crazy Cakes (Cooking Channel)


Crazy Cakes (Cooking Channel) – Premieres 24th August

Like Ridiculous Cakes! & Dallas Cakes, this is a show that follows different bakers as they get in a request from a client for them to produce an extravagant looking cake.

After getting the brief the bakers explain what the finished cake will look like, and the show follows them through the process. And when the cake is finished shows them presenting the finished version to their delighted customers.

Even for this kind of show, this one puts in the minimal of efforts. Where each segment is taken from various other baking shows like Texas Cake House, and is presented as if it’s an original show. So if you watch many of these things you would have already seen this, making this a waste of time.


Follow This (Netflix)


Follow This (Netflix) – Premieres 9th July

A docu-series that follows various Buzzfeed reporters as they look into some of the more niche things that occur on the interest and look into how they came about, and what kind of folks get involved with it all.

The 20 minute show kicks off with the reporter in question giving a brief synopsis of the thing they are about to look into. Then follows them as they meet up with someone that creates content on the internet, where they show the reporter what they do, giving them a brief tutorial, and then chatting about how people view their content and whether or not they think it’s beneficial.

After interviewing an avid viewer to find out how they content helps them, the reporter also brings in the opinions of an expert. Before finishing off by experiencing a real world equivalent and comparing how the real world version differs to the internet one.

With the programme having a short run time, this gets through everything at a decent pace, and keeps your interest throughout. Even though the subject matter in question does seem to be a bit flakey.