Whistleblower (CBS)


Whistleblower (CBS) – Premieres 13th July

A docu-series that looks into the cases of former company employees who after witnessing illegal activity, acted as whistleblowers helped bring legal action to their former employees.

The episode covers two different cases, where the people behind the whistleblowing are interviewed. Where they explain how they ended up working for the business, what at first tipped them off that something wrong was going on, and how they helped bring those activities to light.

Along with the interview the programme also shows some of the undercover footage of the malpractices. And also interviews former customers who ended up suffering from the results of what the company was doing wrong.

For an investigative docu-series, it covers some interesting topics, through with how the cases are shown it is slow paced enough to the point that you start to lose interest. Overall it’s not too bad a show, but not one you’d actively hunt down to watch.



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