No Passport Required (PBS)


No Passport Required (PBS) – Premieres 10th July

A food travel show that’s hosted by Ethiopian/Swedish chef Marcus Samuelsson, as he travels around the US to see how the various culture and influenced the local cuisine. Along with looking into how their shared food helps them settle into and integrate with the community.

In each episode Samuelsson goes to a town that has been influenced heavily by the local ethnic community. While there Marcus meets up with a few people who either take him to the local eateries, where he samples the food, sees how it’s made and why these places help the community. Or is invited to the persons home where they cook the food of their homeland, which helps keep  the next generation connected to their heritage.

The show is easy bit of viewing that shows how communities have taken the cultural parts of their homeland, and how they have integrated it within the US culture. The programme does drag in places but it is something you could happily sit through if there’s nowt else on.



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