Inside Evil With Chris Cuomo (HLN)


Inside Evil With Chris Cuomo (HLN) – Premieres 17th June

A show where host Chris Cuomo looks into the crimes of a serial killer. As the programme recounts their murders, Cuomo interviews the killer in question to find why, and what motivated them to kill.

The programme starts off briefly covering the the history of the killer in question, leading to Cuomo starting his interview with them. As they start talking about why the killer killed, the show looks into the murders they committed.

As is looks into the cases they programme interviews some of the victims families, along with the killer explaining what he did and how everything went down. Along with going over the murders the programme also covers the killers early years where they look into how they ended up turning out how they did, and asking what they believe made them turn out how they did.

For a crime programme it takes a unique angle that makes it stand out from the usual types of show. Though it does at times drag along, and while it does get some different insights it doesn’t really keep your interest.



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