Hollywood Love Story (Viceland)


Hollywood Love Story (Viceland) – Premieres 11th July

Fronted by Paris Hilton this is a programme that looks at the creatives in the LA underground who are trying to hit the big time. After starting off with Hilton staring into an iPhone and giving a voiceover that reminiscent of David Duchovny in the Red Show Diaries. It sets up who the show will follow in the episode.

From then on it follows the artist over a short period of time where they talk about how they started off and why they ended up on moving to LA. There they show the cameras their current living arrangements which usually involves them living with other likeminded folks, as they are finishing off the project they believe will help them crack the mainstream.

Along the way Hilton is dropped in to continue her Duchovny impression with voiceovers giving faux wisdom, as if she has worked her way into celebrity by coming from nothing and with no help. All of which adds to the vapid nature of the whole programme where it’s generally charmless people, overvaluing what they are making, and becoming annoyed when nothing pays off how they expected. It’s mind numbingly tedious viewing.



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