Born Behind Bars (A&E)


Born Behind Bars (A&E) – Premieres 10th July

Continuing the A&E trend of prison based docu-series’, this looks at the Wee Ones programme being run in a maximum security Woman’s prison in Indiana. Where a small selection of imprisoned mothers, who have under a certain amount of time left on their sentence, are allowed to be with their young children in a special block to raise them.

While the women live in the block they are closely monitored, where if they are found to have broken any of the rules are written up. Which could lead to them having their child removed, and being placed back into general population.

The show follows the inmates and guards as they go about their daily business, where the women prisoners personalities start to clash, a couple of them have issues with the guards. And the guards themselves are there diffusing any situations and vetting any of the new incoming inmates.

For what it is the programme is a slow paced affair, where it lacks the instant interest of something like Behind Bars: Rookie Year. Mainly because the inmates can only really get up to, and do, so much. Which ends up making it a bit of a grind to sit through.



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