Fishing For Giants (Smithsonian Channel)


Fishing For Giants (Smithsonian Channel) – Premieres 25th April

Hosted by extreme angler Andy Coetzee, this follows him as he heads of to various parts of the world where he tries to catch a rare and elusive big fish.

The show kicks off by showing the fish that Andy will be trying his best to catch, where he talks about the legend the locals have created about it, while giving the info of it’s size and where its found.

From there Andy arrives in the area and begins fishing, where during the programme he slowly starts to visit more and more dangerous locations. All in the bid to catch the fish. Then by the end, Andy gets the fish he was after, shows it off to the camera, tags it, then send it off on it way.

As a fishing programme it’s reminiscent to Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers, but with more focus on the fishing. It’s a surprisingly laid back bit of watchable programming.



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