Bobby Kennedy For President (Netflix)


Bobby Kennedy For President (Netflix) – Premieres 27th April

A four part documentary that follows the political career and ill fated presidential campaign of Bobby Kennedy in 1968.

In the documentary it mainly uses archival news footage to go through the life and career of Kennedy. When after becoming JFKs campaign advisor, works as the attorney general where he focused on trying to bring down organised crime syndicates. And then after the death of his brother, began his own attempt at winning the presidency.

Along the footage the documentary also interviews family members, friends and colleagues to add some more context to what was happening during the various periods.

The documentary does have a certain amount of overlap with other docs about the Kennedys such as American Dynasties: The Kennedys & The Kennedy Files. But that said there’s enough in this to to keep your interest, it’s a decent watch



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