Miz & Mrs (USA Network)


Miz & Mrs (USA Network) – Premieres 24th July

WWE based reality TV shenanigans, where this is a 20 minute show that follows married wrestlers, The Miz and Maryse, as they go about their life.

With the couple soon to be expecting their first child, the pair are juggling public appearances with their planned house move from LA to Texas. Along with this, to pad out the episode, there are a couple of other small events they have to take care of.

The show is more than a little similar to Total Bellas. Though with this one there seems to be a complete lack anything interesting going on. To the point it feels like the majority of the episode are interviews of the pair to camera. Altogether, it’s a forgettable bit of TV.



Comfort Food Tour (Food Network)


Comfort Food Tour (Food Network) – Premieres 21st July

A travel food show hosted by Mark Anderson and Ryan Fey of The Grill Dads fame. Where they head off to various US cities to sample the best comfort foods they can find.

In the programme Mark and Ryan visit three restaurants which specialise in various cuisine. And while there, the pair meet with the owner and are shown how a couple of their most over indulgent items are made. After seeing the cooking process and with them occasionally messing about. The pair sample the food, and give the standard food show descriptions of what it tastes like. Then after all the dishes are gone through, move on to the next place.

It’s the standard Food Network type of show, though the pair are more entertaining than most. And if you liked The Grill Dads, this is more of the same.


Deadly Rich (CNBC)


Deadly Rich (CNBC) – Premieres 9th July

A crime docu-series that looks into the murders of victims that would be classified as part of the 1%. In each episode it looks into a different case, and shows how the murder was solved and what motivated it.

The programme begins with going over how the person was found, and how they were killed. Before going on to give the back story of the deceased, where the show recounts their upbringing and adult life.

After showing the persons background, the episode then looks into how the case was solved. Where along with interviews with police and family members, it tells how the suspects were found. Then with showing footage of the interrogations, reveals how the murder was solved and the motivations behind the killer.

For a crime docu-series, it is more reminiscent to programmes like It Takes A Killer. Where it follows a tried and tested format, but this doesn’t offer anything new that would make it stand out from similar shows. And with it having a 45 minute runtime, it does begin to feel drawn out to the point any interest does being to wane.


These Woods Are Haunted (Travel Channel)


These Woods Are Haunted (Travel Channel) – Premieres 8th July

Real life ghost capers, where a person that has had some face-to-face hauntings, recount their ordeal.

The show is narrated by the person that was involved in the ghostly interactions, where along with some reenactments. Go through the initial contact, through to when the spirit left them.

Unsurprisingly, it starts off with the person first encountering the paranormal entity in a wooded area, where it then leads onto a period of weeks and months of them being on the receiving end of some strange goings on. All the while the reenactments continue to show some unintentional comedic adaptions of the story as it’s told.

The programme goes along the same lines as Terror In The Woods & Alaska Haunting, and is equally as forgettable. Though if you did like the aforementioned shows, then this is more of the same. If not, then it’s a grind to get through.


In Search Of (History)


In Search Of (History) – Premieres 20th July

Based on the Leonard Nimoy fronted 70’s show of the same name. This has Zachary Quinto taking over the hosting duties, where in each episode he looks into left field subject matter ranging from UFOs to time travel.

During the programme Quinto looks into a couple of aspects within the episodes subject, where along with talking to experts to witnesses, takes part in and observes experiments and tests.

By the end of the show Zachary looks back at what he’s learned, and puts together whether he is a believer or not. And which parts of what he has seen has had the most effect on him.

The show itself is a pretty lightweight affair, where the things that are looked into don’t go into too much depth. And the vagueness of what is shown ends up making it a bit of a grind in places, though it does have enough going on to make it something you’d watch if nowt was on.


Dark Tourist (Netflix)


Dark Tourist (Netflix) – Premieres 20th July

Hosted by documentarian David Farrier, who made the film Tickled, this follows him as he heads off around the world to check out the more unusual tourist spots some folks visit.

During the programme David visits two countries, where he samples some of the weirder attractions and customs that have become popular with a niche group of tourists. While there Ferrier chats to the locals to find out what’s going on, and why it’s gained popularity. Along with him partaking in the events, where he occasionally gets freaked out, discovers the appeal or tries to find why it’s something someone would want to visit.

With Farriers approach of hosting being similar to Louis Theroux, it gives the programme a Weird Weekend vibe to it all. And with his approachability, and the lesser known things he visits, make this an interesting watch.


Amazing Interiors (Netflix)


Amazing Interiors (Netflix) – Premieres 20th July

A docu-series where in each episode it looks at three renovated properties where the owners have gone above and beyond in creating a unique interior.

In the programme it’s centred on one main project, where it follows one couple as they embark on renovating their property. As they go through the various construction stages, up to the point the build is finished where they show off the one of a kind look they’ve created.

As the main build is split into three sections it also looks at two completed interiors, that each have a rather extreme look to them. In it, it has the owner talks about how they came to the decision to make it, how long the build took, and shows off the main features.

For a property show it’s like a very lightweight, hostless version of Grand Designs. But with it being only 30 minutes long has enough going on to keep your interest, and if you like that type of show, is different enough to the usual property programmes to warrant a watch.