My House (Viceland)


My House (Viceland) – Premieres 25th April

A docu-series that looks into the New York vogue ballroom scene. In it follows four of the dancers that compete in it along with one of the commentators, a MC that presides of the competition.

In the show it kicks off describing what the vogue ballroom actually is, basically a dance off that involves a shitload of sub-categories. Where dancers who belong to different groups, also known as houses, that have a particular style go against each other.

As the programme follows four of the dancers in the build up to one of the upcoming balls, they talk about how they got into ballroom and and how it has helped them personally. All of which is narrated and joined together by the commentator who explains the terminology and the general rules of the event.

As docu-series go there’s not really that much going on, and while the commentator is the most interesting character in the show, the dancers they’re following don’t seem to add much to the programme. Altogether it’s some pretty bland viewing.



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