America Inside Out With Katie Couric (Nat Geo)


America Inside Out With Katie Couric (Nat Geo) – Premieres 11th April

Docu-series hosted by Katie Couric where she heads off across America to look into some of the more sensitive recent cultural events that have been happening around the country.

In each episode Katie looks into a particular subject, where she heads off to the town/city/region where the recent outrage has been occurring. From there Katie talks to the locals about what has been happening, and then chats to various experts about how the events started off and why it is escalating.

As the programme goes on Couric talks to people on both sides of the argument, along going into the history of the events by visiting places that are trying to give a complete unbiased coverage to help with the education of the community. Then when everything is done Katie gives her final thoughts on what she covered.

The show has some similarities with programmes like Divided States & America Divided with its investigation to US current affairs. And while it does what it does well, it still lacks the watchability of America Divided.



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