In Ice Cold Blood With Ice-T (Oxygen)


In Ice Cold Blood With Ice-T (Oxygen) – Premieres 1st April

A crime docu-series that’s hosted by Ice T, where it looks into a lesser known  murder case.

As the programme kicks off it introduces the main people involved in the case, where they get interviews with friends and co-workers explaining how certain people know each other and what they were like. It then moves on to the crime, where it shows how the murder scene was discovered along with showing a few of the actual crime scene photos.

From there the programme interviews the officers that were involved in the investigation. And goes through the stages of the case that finally leads up to them catching the right man, where it also shows the interrogation footage of the suspect finally cracking and admitting to the murder.

It then quickly wraps up with showing a couple of clips from the court case and the prosecutor involved talking about how the case went. And after it’s announced how long the person is imprisoned for, finishes off with some of the friends of the victims talking about their thoughts on the murderer.

For a real crime show it comes across as the standard Investigation Discovery style docu-series, where it looks like a low budget quick turnaround job that’s been done to numerous times before. It’s all pretty forgettable stuff.




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