Genius Junior (NBC)


Genius Junior (NBC) – Premieres 18th March

A knockout tournament style game show hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. Where two teams of three intelligent kids go against each other over three rounds, to win the chance to progress in the competition and to get a big cash prize.

Each round is set up to test the kids abilities in memory, spelling, maths, logic and the like, and before they team goes up to start the round, they have the one-off opportunity to nominate one of the team to be the sole person to tackle the questions.

If the team decided to enter the round as a group, team goes up to answer questions in a round robin style. And if one person in the team can’t answer correctly, they can only move on until either one or none of the team gets the answer correct.

Then at the end of the round the teams are then allocated points in relation to the amount of correct answers they gave. By the end of three rounds the team with the most points, already guaranteed progression into the next round, get to take part in the “Cortex”, a bonus round where all team members are used.

The round is structured so that within the team, one member has to answer three questions worth $3k each, another having to answer four questions work $4k each the final member answering five questions work $5k each. And if they manage to answer everything correctly the total the team wins is doubled to $100k. The total amount is then placed into their prize fund that they get if they become the overall winner.

While the main focus of the programme is to show off the impressiveness of the kids abilities, it’s also a surprisingly watchable bit of TV. Though it’s still something that you’d happily watch if you stumbled on it, but not a programme you’d go out of you way to watch.



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