The Ice Cream Show (Viceland)


The Ice Cream Show (Viceland) – Premieres 24th April

The ice cream answer to The Pizza Show, this has ice cream parlour owner and host Isaac Lappert heading off to visit various producers to see how they make their product.

After a brief introduction on Isaacs history in the industry, he sets out to visit small independent manufacturers through to the large scale operations. There he finds out how the businesses were started, sees how they make and develop their ice cream, and ending up with him tasting the stuff for himself.

With Isaac trying to get his dad and parlour co-owner interested in expanding their business, he talks to the various owners about how they expanded, why they did, and what problems they ran into.

Even for a 20 minute show, this does seem to run out of steam half way through the episode. And with the premise being so narrow, it feels like once you seen one episode that there’s not much else to see.



Velocity Dispatch (Velocity)


Velocity Dispatch (Velocity) – Premieres 20th April

A short 20 minute show where a garage that creates custom vehicles takes on a low budget challenge to complete.

In the programme the people at the garage go through what they are trying to create, explain their plan and the goal they are trying to achieve. Then through the magic of montages go about creating their vehicle.

During the show the members explain the certain processes they are using along with the various components being used, and what exactly they are doing to them. Then after the build section is completed they go about trying to achieve the target they set out to achieve.

For a self filmed, low budget bit of programming it’s surprisingly watchable. Though not something you’d ever go out of your way to watch, the whole cheapness of the thing gives it a quirky charm.


Ex On The Beach (MTV)


Ex On The Beach (MTV) – Premieres 19th April

US version of the UK show, where 10 “celebrities” who found fame via the internet or reality TV shows head off to a beach resort in what they think is a regular dating show.

After meeting up on the first day it’s then revealed to them that over the period they are there, the show will begin introducing their ex partners onto the show.

As this is going on, the people trying to hook up with the folks who have had their ex arrive, try to figure out the motives of the ex. While the people who are reunited, along with chatting to their ex, get nominated to go into the Shack of Secrets.

In there the former couple gets to find out if their suspicions about the relationship and break up were true, as it lets them access certain things without protest from the old partner. Along with this there is also a Big Brother style eviction process where the house mates partake in a secret ballot, and the person with the most votes is booted out the house.

The show is a grind to get through with it flitting between folks getting attached far too easily, through to the standard slanging matches. All-in-all it’s one to miss.


JDM Legends (Velocity)


JDM Legends (Velocity) – Premieres 17th April

Car restoration show where Eric Bizek, owner of Japanese car specialist garage JDM Legends, and his team work on their customers cars to either modify or completely rebuild them.

In the programme it starts off with Erik doing an introduction to the car they are about to work on, where he is driving an equivalent model around, talking about why the car is popular within the community.

He then meets up with the new client and goes over what they want incorporated into their car, after which Erik and his team set to work. While they are working on getting the car done, they encounter a few unforeseen problems that are soon rectified, and end up presenting the completed car to its ecstatic owner.

While the show is similar in many ways to programmes like Diesel Brothers, where it’s a specialised garage working on certain vehicles, this doesn’t end up having the same viewing appeal. What with the members of the garage not being that engaging, and the slow pace the show goes along at, all together it doesn’t really have much going on that would make you keep watching.


Holmes: Next Generation (DIY Network)


Holmes: Next Generation (DIY Network) – Premieres 17th April

Home renovation show where Mike Holmes of Holmes Buy It Right & Holmes + Holmes fame, relinquishes project management control to his son Mike Jr and daughter Sherry. 

Like any other renovation programme, the three are called in to meet a home owner who needs help doing their place up. So after chatting to them to find out what they need done to the place, they take a wander around the property highlighting any problem areas along with giving a rough plan on what they will be doing to the rooms.

It then follows the Holmes’ working on the remodelling where along with going into a bit more depth of what they’re doing compared to other similar shows. It has Mike Jr and Sherry overruling Mike Sr’s ideas and advice and putting in the design elements they want.

Then at the end of the ep the pair give Mike Sr a walkthrough on what they’ve done, before revealing the finished job to the home owner.

As DIY/renovation shows go, it’s more watchable than most due to the interaction between the three. And the fact it does try to give some tips on what they are to doing to achieve the final results.


Forged In Fire: Knife or Death (History)


Forged In Fire: Knife or Death (History) – Premieres 17th April – Renewed

A spin off of Forged In Fire hosted by former WWE wrestler Bill “Goldberg” Goldberg. In the show 8 contestants, ranging from blade smiths to martial arts experts, go through two rounds with their weapons as they try and get into the final where they could win $20k.

The episode is split into two rounds, a qualifier and a final where the winner progresses onto the grand final. In the qualifying round, after the contestants blade has passed a quality check from former Forged in Fire champion Travis Wuertz, then put their skills to the test by going through a course that is the knife wielding equivalent of the Broken Skull Challenge. Where the two fastest competitors to complete the course or get the furthest into it go through to the final.

In the final, the surviving two each have a timed round at a different, slightly less blade abusing course. Then when both competitors have complete their runs, they reveal who was the quickest and has made it into the grand final.

As competitions go there’s not too much going that really gets your interest, and when compared to the watchability of Forged in Fire this is all pretty forgettable. That said if there’s nowt on, this is a passable enough way to burn 45 minutes.


Aerial Cities (Smithsonian Channel)


Aerial Cities (Smithsonian Channel) – Premieres 8th April

Showing off the fact the production company has purchased a few drones, this is a programme that shows a 24 hour period of a US city using nothing but aerial shots.

During the programme it shows some of the professions in the city, tourist attractions and places of recreation for the residents, all of which take place at some altitude. As well as this the show goes into some of the history of the city, explaining how it was founded and then showing some of it’s infrastructure.

With the programme being 50 minutes long it is a complete grind to get through and comes over as a rushed idea on how to stitch a load of aerial shots together to make a TV show. It is not enjoyable.