Nailed It (Netflix)


Nailed It (Netflix) – Premieres 9th March – Renewed

A baking competition based on the internet meme where attempts to mimic a cake end up with comedically disastrous results. Hosted by Nicole Byer, who along with chef Jacques Torres and a guest baker, judge the attempts of three contestants over 2 rounds as they try to win $10k.

In the first round the contestants are set a small challenge where they have an hour to recreate a particular confectionary. At the end of the round the best performer is crowned with a golden hat while the person that finished last gets some bonus help in the next round.

The second and final round has three contestants trying to recreate a larger cake in a two hour time limit. Where all three have the chance to use a help button that brings in the guest baker, who give them advice on what to do in a three minute period. The worst performer in the last round is also given a buzzer where if used, Byer will annoy and try to distract the other two contestants for three minutes.

At the end of the round the cakes are judged and the maker of the best cake gets the $10k. As baking competitions go this one is a grind to get through, due to it relying on the cakes being made to look bad. This goes against the whole comedy surprise of the nailed it meme, so this is just showing us bad bakers presenting predictably bad looking cakes.



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