Heathers (Paramount Network)


Heathers (Paramount Network) – Premieres TBC – Cancelled

Based on the 80’s film this is a reboot where Veronica Sawyer, who is questioning whether or not she is a good person, is part of the popular group of students that are lead by the Heathers. The Heathers are two girls and a gay fella who all share the same name, and rule the student body by plotting to destroy anyone via social media if they believe they go agains their social justice warrior ideals.

After attending an art show with the lead Heather, Veronica snaps, calls her fat and ends up getting on her social media hit list. After Veronica gets back home, the new lad in the school JD turns and between come up with a scheme to stop Heather before she can get to work on her.

As they plan to break in to Heathers house, and post an image of her wearing a Nazi hat, things backfire as she wakes during the act. JD then tricks Heather to down a pill that he believe with make her vomit only to realise he had the wrong pill on him and he’d in fact given a cyanide capsule. To cover their tracks they release the image under the guise of a suicide message which leads to a day of mourning at the school and a power struggle opening to become the main clique in the school.

While the school mourning is happening Heathers parents return to the house to find their daughter flat on the floor, and after giving her a half heimlich, reveals she didn’t swallow the pill and is still alive.

As comedies go it’s not that bad, even if plot wise there are some unexplained leaps it does have some funny moments in it. Though if you’ve seen the film it’s probably riddled with errors and not a patch on the original.



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