BET’s Mancave (BET)


BET’s Mancave (BET) – Premieres 18th January 

Talk show hosted by Jeff Johnson, where he is joined with comedian Slink Johnson, R&B singer Tank & music producer Kosine. Where the four talk about current news stories through to getting their perspective of everyday things. It’s like a male version of Loose Women or The View.

The show begins with the four chatting about certain news stories, ranging from the serious to the silly, that have appeared during the week and give their opinions on what’s happened. After that segment, a celebrity guest is introduced where they have an interview about their life and get their outlook on certain pivotal moments.

It then moves on to the four asking light hearted one-or-the-other questions to the guest and is wrapped up with a pre-recorded Mancave Mission, where two of the four go to a location to create something for the show, then going back to the studio where everyone gets to sample it.

As chat shows go it’s lightweight to the extreme, and is akin to something that would be aired during the daytime. It’s all very forgettable.



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