Child Support (ABC)


Child Support (ABC) – Premieres 3rd January – Renewed

A quiz show hosted by Fred Savage which gives the contestants a chance to win up to $200k if they can get 10 questions correct.

In the quiz each question has a cash value that rises as they get further in, similar to the structure of Who Wants To Be A Millioniarre?. Along with the two save points in the ladder where they have the option to cash out or continue playing.

When a wrong answer is given, the contestant can be “saved” if one of a panel of five kids can supply the correct answer to the same question they got wrong. If they manage to do that then total fund is reduced by one step and they can continue the quiz. Though if the kids get the question wrong the they leave with nothing.

It’s a standard quiz which is more geared towards hearing the kids answers teamed up with Ricky Gervais laughing hysterically with them. For what it is, it does the job.



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