She’s Gotta Have It (Netflix)


She’s Gotta Have It (Netflix) – Premieres 23rd November – Renewed

TV adaptation of the Spike Lee film, that follows Nola Darling, an artist who is three different relationships as she tries to work out what kind of chap she wants to date while keeping her personal freedom.

She is in a relationship with Greer a narcissistic model, Mars a wise cracking bicycle courier and Jonathan a banker who isn’t best pleased with Nola dating other folks.

The show has Nola trying to work out what she wants, before coming to the decision that maybe a monogamous relationship isn’t for her. Though she has to deal with the fact the men she’s dating are pushing her to make a decision to dump the others for them.

The show is a more stylised sort of take on Insecure and The Climb, where if you liked the film this is pretty much the same deal.



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