Face Value (BET)


Face Value (BET) – Premieres 27th September 

Comedy gameshow hosted by Dion Cole, where two celebrity captains are given two regular folk team mates, and by the end the winning team has the chance to win £10k.

The game has three rounds, in the first round six random people on the street are interviewed and when they are asked a question that is loaded with stereotypes the team whose turn it is has to decide whether it’s true or false, and if they’re correct get 100 points. For the 2nd round each correct answer is given 200 points, and four of the six people interviewed in the first round are brought back, where after they’re questioned the team is given a choice of four answers to pick from.

At the end of that round the team that’s amassed the most points gets to go to the final stage where after picking one of the four interviewees, have to get 10 correct answers to true or false questions posed to them within 60 seconds to win the $10k.

As a comedy gameshow it dishes out a few funny moments, though the deeper into the quiz it gets, the comedy tends to decrease. That said it’s a decent enough way to waste 20 minutes.



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