Garage Rehab (Discovery Channel)


Garage Rehab (Discovery Channel) – Premieres 30th August

The mechanics answer to Kitchen Nightmares, Richard Rawlings the owner of Gas Monkey garage, where he heads off to a struggling garage and helps them by investing in the company and renovating their shop.

Like Kitchen Nightmares the owner initially admits everything is wrong and they need help, but as soon as the changes are being put into place gets cold feet. After a brief pep talk they get back on board and are sent away for 4 days while Rawlings team finish off the renovations. On the day of the reveal there is much mechanic style oooohing and ahhhhing, then that’s it. Not a word to whether it helped them turn their business around, it just ends.

For a show that says that they’re trying to turn a business around it’s more of a property renovation show with car lifts.



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