Will (TNT)


Will (TNT) – Premieres 10th July – Cancelled

A piece of historical fiction based on the early career of William Shakespeare, where after leaving Stratford-Upon-Avon heads down to London to try and sell his plays to provide for his young family back home.

After arriving in London Will almost instantly gets pick pocketed meaning a letter intended for his cousin, the wanted priest Robert Southwell, falls into the wrong hands, revealing that he’s a Catholic to a few neferious types that now want him dead for his religious beliefs.

Will then heads off to a theatre company to sell one of his scripts and after impressing the owner gets to oust their previous playwright Baxter. Baxter takes the news of his demotion badly leading to him challenging Will at a ye olde version of an 8 Mile battle rap in an tavern, and he gets comprehensively beaten.

Things go from bad to worse for Baxter, when Wills play Edward III goes down a storm, leading to the folks that are after Shakespeare to turn up at the theatre only for them to be told that Baxter is the man they’re after. This leads to Baxter being offed and Shakespeare continuing to be none the wiser about whats going on.

It’s a pretty shoddy bit of drama.



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