The Lowe Files (A&E)


The Lowe Files (A&E) – Premieres 2nd August – Cancelled

The actor Rob Lowe and his two sons set off to various locations to find out if there is any truth in the folklore or supernatural stories he used to tell them growing up. This means they head off to a specific location to set up scientific tests with the assistance of their long term Shaman.

It plays out like any other supernatural/ghost hunting programme, where after visiting the surrounding area, they turn up at the location have a quick tour of with the owner to find out the possible hotspots then begin the standard night time investigation.

At the end, the three concur that they’ve all seen something a bit weird, mention that haven’t yet gone through all the footage they gathered then never mention if the footage does in fact give some answers.

The show comes across as if it wants to be a version of Destination Truth, but doesn’t do anything near the attempts to prove or debunk what has been seen.



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