The Jury Speaks (Oxygen)


The Jury Speaks (Oxygen) – Premieres 22nd July

A miniseries that looks into recent high profile US court cases where the celebrity defendants were found not guilty, by talking to the people that were on the jury. In it the show recounts the case, going though how the evidence was presented, how the defence made their case and the social furore surrounding the trial.

As it goes through those aspects, the members of the jury are interviewed and they tell how everything that the witnessed influence their decision. Along with taking into account the presentation of the evidence, and the statements of the witnesses and police, the jury also explain how the behind the scene aspects of them being holed up together in a hotel room for months possibly influenced their verdict.

At the end of the show the jurors who appeared on the programme are asked if they would change their decision considering everything they now know about the case.

While it doesn’t really cover anything new in the recounting of the cases shown, it’s interesting to see how the jury interpreted everything. If you like the real life crime genre it’s a decent enough watch.



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