Tales (BET)


Tales (BET) – Premieres 27th June – Renewed

Drama where each episode is themed on a famous rap song, the first episode is based on NWAs Fuck the Police where it follows a youth who witnessed the police murdering a local youngster.

The programme begins in a courtroom where after the prosecution delivers its opening statement then reveals that the murdered kid is white and the cops that killed him were black. This sets up the world the episode is in as reversal of racial stereotypes, where the white communities live in the low income areas working in low skilled jobs, and the black community reside in the affluent areas working in the high powered jobs.

As the episode goes along the witness is intimidated by police after they find out he’s to testify against them, his affair with the wife of the head of the local news station is uncovered and generally everything turns to shit for him.

The whole race reversal that that the episode is built on doesn’t give anything to the episode and comes across as a needless twist. While the story itself gets a bit muddled with an ending that seems to be hastily thrown together. It’s all pretty incoherent and has been done better in other shows.



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