Snowfall (FX)


Snowfall (FX) – Premieres 5th July – Renewed

Set in South Central LA in the early 80’s, this is a drama that tells the story of the beginnings of the crack cocaine epidemic in LA.

The show follows three people, Franklin a low lever dealer who after picking up some cocaine for one of his clients decides to change the drugs he deals. Gustavo a wrestler who also works as a cartel enforcer, and disgraced CIA operative Teddy, who after finding out his colleague overdosed at a mansion where he was running a drug ring to finance Central American insurgents, manages to talk his superiors into letting him take over.

The opening episode manages to get all three of the stories up and running without it getting bogged down in exposition, meaning the story goes along at a decent pace. It’s a solid bit of drama that’s worth a watch.



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