Salvation (CBS)


Salvation (CBS) – Premieres 12th July – Renewed

Impending doom based drama where an MIT student discovers that an extinction level asteroid is 6 months away from hitting the Earth. After almost missing a lecture from tech billionaire Dariuz Tanz, MIT Student Liam Cole gets a alert from the space mapping software he created about the discovery of the asteroid.

With that news he heads off to tell his lecturer who has contacts within NASA, but when the lecturer doesn’t turn up the next day for his class Liam finds out that his house has been ransacked, the professor is nowhere to be found, and the house is being watched by a shady fella in a blacked out vehicle.

After Liam managed to escape the chap surveilling the house he manages to find Darius Tanz and tells him about the asteroid. This leads Darius taking Liam to meet some government bigwigs with the news only to find that the government already knows about it and has formulated a plan. Unfortunately the plan has one flaw, it needs technology that hasn’t been invented yet.

After the meeting Darius convinces the press secretary Grace to feed him the confidential information about the mission offering his companies resources in return to create everything that’s required within the 6 months before impact. So Grace gets the information to Darius, then he recruits Liam as they begin working on creating the tech.

As a show this is pretty much a by-the-numbers network drama where you could have it going as background noise and still not miss out on any plot developments. It’s watchable enough but nothing you’d go out of your way to view.



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