Safeword (MTV)


Safeword (MTV) – Premieres 13th July

Comedy game show where two celeb friends along with the aid of the inhouse comedians, try to embarrass each other to the point where the other has to tap out.

There are three rounds of competition, the first has the celebs swap phones where they use them to write anything they want onto the others twitter account. If the celeb doesn’t use their safeword the message is then published and is not allowed to be removed for 24 hours.

In the next round the two exchange turns in telling embarrassing stories about the other, and in the last round are plugged into a lie detector where they are asked questions. By the end of the show the one that has used their safeword the least is the winner, and the loser has to do a embarrassing performance to round out the show.

While the show does have a few funny moments in it, it does feel like there should be a safeword limit as it seem too easy to get out of possible cringeworthy situations.



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