Planet of the Apps (Apple Music)


Planet of the Apps (Apple Music) – Premieres 6th June

A Dragons Den/Shark Tank style show where app developers pitch their product in the hope to get venture capitalist investor funding and to get their app featured in the Apple App Store.

The show begins with the developers giving a 60 second pitch to the four advisors of Gweneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Will.I.Am and Gary Vaynerchuk. If at the end of the pitch at least one advisor likes what they hear they are given the chance to talk about their app in more detail. After explaining what they  do the advisors then make a final decision in if they want to help the developers in the next round.

After getting through the first round the developers meet up with the advisor that they chose to help them, and together begin work on creating the pitch they’ll be giving to the venture capitalist in six weeks time. When the pitch is finalised the developer and advisor go in front of four members of a VC firm and like the first round, if the investors like what they hear the funds for them to progress their app are offered.

For what it is it’s pretty much a mix of Dragons Den and All-American Makers, though not as watchable as the aforementioned.



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