Ozark (Netflix)


Ozark (Netflix) – Premieres 21st July – Renewed

Crime drama where after drug cartel boss Camino finds out that someone has been skimming off the profits, he gets the people involved in the money laundering part of the business together to find out who is responsible.

After executing those involved one by one, he is left with Marty Byrde who manages to talk Camino into agreeing to give him a second chance by convincing he has a plan in place by moving to the Ozarks to launder the cash. Camino agrees to this, though gives him 2 days to recoup the $8million that was stolen and then another two days to relocate his family.

As Marty and his family are heading off Camino gives back the $8million for Marty to launder to prove that his plan works, and wasn’t a scheme to get out of being executed. Camino then gives the stipulation that if Marty fails to fully launder the cash the cartel will murder him and his family.

The show is very slightly reminiscent to Breaking Bad, as in it’s a regular family man that descends into a criminal world under the guise of protecting his family. It’s well worth a watch.



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