Haunted Towns (Destination America)


Haunted Towns (Destination America) – Premieres 15th August

Ghost hunting goings on where the Tennessee Wraith Chasers (TWC) head off to towns that have had a bloody history in the hope of seeing a higher concentration of supernatural occurrences.

As the team arrive at their location they meet up with locals to find out the history and visit a couple of places that have had some recent activity. After scoping out the possible venues they perform the first of two night investigations, where they use all the standard ghost hunting paraphernalia to try and gather evidence that spirits are there.

After conversing with the dead, the lads then move on to the next location where they do the second and final investigation, chat to more spirits and then in the morning all agree that the town is a bit haunted.

As ghost hunting show it does everything you’d expect and doesn’t offer anything different. It one for those that like watching folk getting freaked out and making out words in radio static.



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