Comrade Detective (Amazon)


Comrade Detective (Amazon) – Premieres 4th August

A parody Romanian cop show from the 80’s, where after the murder of his partner Nicolai, detective Gregor Anghel teams up Nicolais old friend and police officer Iosif Baciu to hunt down the killer. As they track him down they discover that the person they are after is a capitalist terrorist intent on destroying the virtues of communism by converting the population to western culture.

The show is played out as real lost series that has been remastered by the Romanian Film Preservation Society, who have dubbed them into english. It’s reminiscent to other parodies such as Garth Merenghis Darkplance and Danger 5, though it plays the comedy elements a lot straighter then the aforementioned shows.

The only qualm you could make about it is that the film quality of it all it too good for something that’s trying to make you think it was from the 80’s. But apart from that currently the best comedy that’s come out this year.



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