Castlevania (Netflix)


Castlevania (Netflix) – Premieres 7th July – Renewed

Based on the old video game, this is a US anime set in Wallachia in the 15th century. After Dracula finds the one human woman he actually likes, he lets her use his science lab to forward her medical knowledge and they end up marrying. Things are then shortlived as the local Catholics believe his wife is a witch due to her medical knowledge and burn her at the stake.

Dracula, being understandably a bit peeved by the whole situation, declares that the town have one year to dismantle the town and leave the area, if not then he’ll release an army of demons to kill everyone there. The local priests after hearing the declaration instantly dismiss it as an idle threat and everyone does nowt.

As the one year time limit is about to strike the priests have set up a wee celebration of Dracula doing nothing only to get the big man himself to turn up and release his armies upon them. With the townsfolk being miffed about the imminent death situation they lay the blame towards the kingdoms noble families including the Belmonts. A family that was excommunicated by the church and the relations to Trevor Belmont a demon hunter who is believed to have the ability to stop Dracula.

It’s a surprisingly good piece of anime.



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