Candy Crush (CBS)


Candy Crush (CBS) – Premieres 9th July – Cancelled

A game show that’s based on the popular Bejeweled rip off Candy Crush, where four teams of two go up against each other where the last team standing get to win $100k.

To whittle the four teams down to the final two, there are three qualifying rounds where the winner of the qualifier gets to set a score on a large scale version of the game where they can pick to do one of four variations on offer. By the end all four teams would have done one of the challenges with the two highest scoring teams going through.

The final is the then played out with the team going head to head on a large screen where one is connected to a pulley system where they can play the game and the other at the controls of the pulley allowing them to move their teammate about. By the end of that the first team to hit 50 matches wins the cash.

As game shows go it’s about as watchable as The Wall though arguably requires more skill to play.



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